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The interbiznet Bugler
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June 18, 2007

Employee Blogs (Prologue)
There's been a spate of press releases by this expert and that. Each comes from an older (um, fellow, generally) who makes the case that embarrassing MySpace offerings are bad for business and bad for your career. Reading the material, one imagines a sea of bare tattooed bottoms on young executive wannabe women who have their bongs held high. They are surrounded by rail thin heavily tattooed and well pierced goateed young executive wannabe boys.
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New from John Sumser: A new presentation hot off the presses from John Sumser, Recruiting Is A Conversation available for download.

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Personnel Decisions International, a Minneapolis-based human-resources and professional-development consulting firm, plans to lease about 70,000 square feet, or the top three floors, in 33 South Sixth and leave its longtime headquarters about one block away, according to several sources familiar with the deal who declined to be named to protect client relationships. The offices are at the top of the 33 South Sixth St. building.

How To Avoid A Skills Shortage In Your Organisation The Assessment Network, the Investors in People Centre for the East of England, discusses why a holistic approach to skills development makes sense. Did you know that Skills means proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience. (a href="">Read more.), one of the leading online recruitment companies in the world, is set to tap into Dubai's booming recruitment industry with the launch of its first website in the region.

Oracle and Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte Consulting) announced that they have established a Supply Chain Innovation Center powered by Oracle. The Center will concentrate on seven initiatives: Transportation Management, Oracle Lean Transformation, Advanced Supply Chain, Enterprise Asset Management, Product Life Cycle Management, Service Parts Logistics and Tax-Advantaged ERP. FOUR

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Deck Chairs:, the leader in on-demand workforce development and productivity, announced today that Russ Naples, formerly Vice President of Product Development at Citrix Systems, has been named the new Vice President of Product Development at The addition comes after announced that Ted Schneider had been promoted to Senior Vice President of Product … Upcoming Event:
Author and International Speaker, Christopher Novak, will present "Conquering Adversity" at the 2007 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) National Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, June 26th. Based on his book by the same title, "Conquering Adversity" has inspired thousands with its true-life story and practical strategies to discover the hero inside each of us. Novak's mega-session is expected to draw more than 1,000 human resource professionals.

Deep Release:
Concern mounts over who will care for the elderly
As the huge baby boomer generation surges toward retirement age, an unsettling issue grows ever more pressing: finding the work force to tend to the millions of boomers who will someday need ongoing care because of physical and mental frailties.

Alarm is spreading across the health care sector in the face of stark demographics.

There will be an enormous increase in America's elderly population in the next few decades, while the traditional labor pool for caregivers - women from their mid-20s to mid-50s - will scarcely grow at all, compounding problems for a work force already beset by low wages and high turnover.

Federal statistics suggest that roughly 3 million people work in direct-care jobs, mainly with the elderly, as nursing assistants, home health aides and personal care aides. Experts project there will be demand for nearly 1 million more of these workers in the next decade, and perhaps a total of 3 million more by 2030 - when all surviving members of the 78-million-strong boomer generation are older than 65. Guide to Top Specialty Boards
Where Top Candidates Seek Career Opportunites
Accounting / Finance
Accounting / Finance
Call Center
Drivers / Trucking
Employee Benefits
Enviro/Occup. Health & Safety
Health / Medical
Hispanic / Bilingual
Hotels / Hospitality
Regional - DE, NJ, NY, PA
Security Clearance
Tax Specialists
Telecom / Wireless
For more Specialty Boards, visit:
Employer's Corner on

You Should Know:
EBay pulls adverts from Google in spat
From correspondents in San Francisco

EBay and Google have turned from ardent partners to nettled adversaries, with the renowned online auction site yanking it ads from the world's most popular internet search engine.

EBay on Friday sidestepped rumours that stripping its advertising from Google is payback for Google planning to promote a competing online payment service across the street from an annual gathering of eBay users in Boston this week.

The auction website's fans from far and wide are at a massive conference centrr for "three days of celebrating all things eBay'' at an event dubbed "Live,'' according to the company.

EBay executives got word before the event that Mountain View, California-based Google intended to lure eBay aficionados to a party across a street from the convention centre in the eastern US city.

The party was to promote Google Checkout, an online financial transactions service that competes with PayPal, which is owned by San Jose, California-based eBay.

EBay reportedly tried to rent the restaurant out from under Google, which cancelled the Thursday soiree.

"EBay Live attendees have plenty of activities to keep them busy this week in Boston, and we did not want to detract from that activity,'' Checkout team member Tom Oliveri wrote in a posting on the Google website.

"After speaking with officials at eBay, we at Google agreed that it was better for us not to feature this event during the eBay Live conference.''

Google declined to comment specifically on whether its dealings with eBay are combative, saying instead it looked forward to continuing its "positive relationship'' with the longtime partner.

"Were we happy with the decision to host the party?'' EBay spokeswoman Catherine England replied to an AFP inquiry.

"No. We didn't think it was a great way to engage a partner. We were really pleased when they cancelled it.''

Ms England downplayed any connection between the aborted party and eBay pulling millions of dollars in annual advertising from Google.

"The reality is, this is something we do all the time,'' Ms England said. "We always experiment with our marketing mix on eBay. We turned off our advertising through AdWords to see how it affects that.''

About a year ago, before the launch of Checkout, Google and eBay publicly proclaimed a billion-dollar advertising partnership. EBay was one of Google's largest advertisers.

"I don't know if Checkout really changed our relationship,'' Ms England said. "There is a lot of interconnectivity with all the business on the Web. It is inevitable you'll be competitors on one level and partners on another.''

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Presentation from John and Bridget Sumser, Rethinking The Workforce is available for download.

Ten Principles for Recruiting An Integenerational Workforce from John Sumser.

Got News? Send us (carrie.baggs at your company news, personnel changes, placements, and other tidbits of interest. News you'd like to see covered that we haven't? Let us know.

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