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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler
interbiznet presents The Bugler
May 24, 2007
OFCCP Compliance
It's a sticky area, if you believe the prevailing FUD. I am not a specialist in OFCCP issues and highly recommend that you seek advice from someone you can sue. Here's what I've been able to decipher from the OFCCP website, a range of conversations and some simple thinking:
  • OFCCP stands for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. It is is part of the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment Standards Administration. OFCCP is responsible for ensuring that employers doing business with the Federal government comply with the laws and regulations requiring nondiscrimination and affirmative action in employment.   Read More
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Presentation from John and Bridget Sumser, Rethinking The Workforce is available for download.

Ten Principles for Recruiting An Integenerational Workforce from John Sumser.

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Jobkabob a leading job board focused on uniquely matching candidates to careers and HireAbility, a leading provider of artificially intelligent (AI) document parsing technology, today announced their ground-breaking solution that facilitates ideal candidate to job matches, while retaining an unprecedented amount of candidates.

Modern Magellans Media announces the release of the first book in the Maps for Modern Magellans Series: "Charts for Captains of Commerce." The Maps for series is designed for those who feel frustrated after starting their business only to find they need more help.

Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) is encouraging employers to take active steps to address the threat of workplace violence, following high-profile tragedies such as the Virginia Tech shooting and other incidents.

Basho Strategies, Inc., an internationally renowned corporate sales training firm, announces the launch of The Basho Community, an online resource for sales professionals that extends sales techniques through a variety of mediums.

Fieldglass, Inc., a leading provider of contingent workforce management and services procurement software, announced a significant milestone in its globalization efforts with official support for approximately two dozen locales and eight languages.

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Deck Chairs:
Kristofer Coombs joins inVentiv Communications as Senior Vice President of Human Resources …
Ceridian Corporation (NYSE:CEN) has named Greg Hawes senior vice president of HR/Payroll account management, where he will lead the account executive team …
CMP Technology, a targeted media and marketing solutions company serving the builders, sellers and buyers of technology worldwide, announced that Long Island Business News has named Marvlieu Jolla Hall, Senior Vice President Human …

Survey Says:
Want to Move up Quickly? Work for a Smaller Company

Employees at larger companies are twice as likely to face a waiting period of one to two years before being eligible to apply for other positions.

At most companies, climbing the in-house employment ladder is encouraged, but, according to a recent survey on internal job posting policies, those interested in climbing quickly should work for smaller companies. The survey of 423 companies, conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp – formerly HRI), revealed that 30% of organizations with more than 10,000 employees require workers to have one to two years on the job before they can apply for an internal posting. This compares with 16% and 17%, respectively, for companies with 2,500-4,999 and 500-2,499 employees.

"While it clearly is harder to move up in a larger company than it is in a smaller company, it makes sense for all companies to allow relative newcomers to apply for internal postings," says Jay Jamrog, Senior VP of Research of i4cp. "Anecdotal evidence suggests that once workers know there are opportunities to take on new jobs, they become more motivated and engaged. This sends a strong message and winds up being an excellent retention tool. Large or small, in today's environment, where the ‘war for talent' is becoming more fierce, allowing all employees the opportunity for immediate advancement is critical."

Deep Release:
Vovici Analysis Shows Survey Completions Increase Over 140 Percent
New findings indicate steady increase in online survey completion rates

Vovici, the leading provider of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), online survey software tools and marketing research services, announced new findings showing that online survey completions have steadily increased by 144 percent over the past 14 months. Vovici analyzed data collected from over five million surveys conducted by thousands of Vovici customers across all markets using its shared-hosted environment. Findings show that completion rates have increased from 30 percent in January 2006 to 66 percent in March 2007.

"Our analysis indicates that although companies are deploying online surveys that are longer and more complex, customers and employees are increasingly willing to take the time to complete them," said Dean Wiltse, chief executive officer of Vovici. "This trend suggests that people want to share feedback and feel that online surveys are a good use of their time."

Additional findings indicate that companies are extending more invitations to their survey communities by 63 percent. In March 2007, the average survey was sent to 514 recipients compared to 316 recipients in January 2006.

"We are seeing companies of all sizes and across all markets realize the value of conducting surveys and consequently, are integrating them into their everyday processes," stated Wiltse. "Because of higher completion rates and better reach to communities, surveys are yielding more feedback than ever before, making them a fundamental component of their customer experience management and business strategies."

Vovici's survey software solution, EFM Continuum, has become the favorite of Fortune 500 testers in survey creation, campaign creation and mailing list development. For additional product information, visit Vovici Online Survey Software.

About Vovici
Vovici Corp. (pronounced voh-VEE-see) is the leading provider of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions, a growing field that includes the tools and services that enable the collection and management of feedback from customers, partners, and employees to help shape organizational strategy. Vovici provides on-demand survey tools, online survey software, questionnaire and survey templates, survey design, and analytics expertise to decision makers in the enterprise, research and government markets. Vovici was formed from the merger of WebSurveyor and Perseus Development Corp., the organization that originated "Enterprise Feedback Management" as a market. As the leader and visionary in the EFM space, the company offers innovative solutions and a clear, consistent path to EFM adoption. Organizations worldwide rely on Vovici to help them better identify employee, customer and partner needs and act on that information in order to create long-term relationships, increase profitability and facilitate time critical actions that drive business results. Vovici has been named to the Inc. 500, Software Magazine's Software 500, Deloitte Fast 500 and Deloitte Fast 50. The company operates in five countries, with a customer base that includes more than half of the Fortune 500. Visit for more information.

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