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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler
interbiznet presents The Bugler
June 7, 2007
Attention Is The Currency
Attention is the currency. More rare than money, real estate, diamonds or gold, attention is at the root of our economy, online and off. Much of what happens in our own Recruiting Industry can be understood as a manifestation of the Attention Economy.  (Read More)

New from John Sumser: A new presentation hot off the presses from John Sumser, Recruiting Is A Conversation available for download.

Note: Due to a mailing problem on the 5th - we are republishing the Bugler news for Tuesday, June 5, 2007. Thank you for your loyal readership and have a great weekend!

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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Fieldglass Inc., a leading provider of contingent workforce management and services procurement software, announced today that it has successfully completed the requirements for Ariba, Inc.'s Ariba® Ready™ designation. Fieldglass was awarded the designation based on its proven ability to effectively transact with and provide content to organizations using Ariba Buyer through Ariba® Supplier Network™.

Axiom Consulting Partners and Western Management Group (WMG) release 2nd annual report on the practices and trends in compensation in the retail industry. Download full article.

uLinkx, the popular video search engine for people to search and watch web videos, has grown dramatically and is on track to surpass 2.5 million page views this month. uLinkx announced addition of enhanced features like customizable all in one video page, timeline for popular videos, enhanced search results, family filter, current news in video and option to import YouTube user's videos.

You Should Konw:
First Romanian dotcom millionaires

The first Romanian dotcom millionaires are Liviu Dumitrascu (30) and Daniel Tatar (29), the two young people who, eight years ago, founded, currently Romania's largest online recruitment website.

Liviu Dumitrascu and Daniel Tatar sold 30% of the company to US-based investment fund Tiger Global Management, for 4.2 million euros. The transaction was completed at the end of last week, sources close to the dealings told ZIARUL FINANCIAR.

This is the largest domestic transaction involving an Internet company and one of the past year's biggest deals on the local IT&C market. The eJobs founders were assisted by law firm Tuca, Zbarcea & Asociatii and by consulting company Capital Partners, while the American fund was counselled by Biris & Goian.

Deep Release:
ASR ensure the South Yorkshire Housing Association meet all their HR needs with flexible HR & Self-s

ASR's flexible HR & Self-service software solutions enable leading non–profit making organisation South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) to meet all of their HR needs

Human resources continues to be one of the major success stories for the South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA), being one of the three associations short-listed as the National Employer of Choice for the prestigious National Housing Federation's In Business for Neighbourhood's awards.

The SYHA started life in 1972 with sponsorship and financial support from Shelter, the campaign for the Homeless. In 1975 the Association became 'registered' and since then its work has been financed by Local Councils, Central Government (through the Housing Corporation), and more recently, by Local Health Authorities and Social Services.

HR Manager, Hilary Hughes was the prime mover behind the introduction of a new HR system in 2003. Hilary comments: "From the first time I saw ASR's HR software at Connect Housing Association it always stood out, particularly in terms of its reporting capabilities, flexibility, stability of the product and the fact that the HR system could evolve with needs of SYHA."

"Also, the fact that ASR has a depth of experience in providing HR & Payroll solutions to other Housing Associations giving us confidence that ASR really understood our needs and requirements and offered the functionality to match."

SYHA's HR function includes a team of 9 based at their Head Office in Sheffield, servicing 1 other office and 30 other sites across the Yorkshire region.

Hilary continued, "Key experience in the Housing Association marketplace should not be underestimated and ASR definitely, ticked all the boxes. So much so that another Housing Association also bought ASR's HR software solution soon after us."

"The ability to report on any field within the system means that any report requested by the Directors can be provided to them immediately, supplying them with the data that they need to make informed decisions on moving our organisation forward."

ASR has been providing SYHA's HR software solution for over 4 years now and the system has evolved significantly, thanks to the flexibility of ASR's products. Utilising the functionality and tools within ASR's Self-service software SYHA has set up email links that notify Line Managers and Payroll when a temporary contract is about to expire; providing employees who have been off sick with an email reminder to complete their absence statement and reminding employees with company cars that their insurance is due to expire. All of which have helped to generate a number of efficiencies that now benefit the whole of SYHA.

SYHA have managed to save considerably on recruitment costs because of utilising the recruitment functionality in ASR's human resources software. Hilary commented: "Via ASR's self-service software Line Managers are able to run a ‘reserve candidates' report to view a list of reserve candidates before they have to advertise for a job, which saves SYHA an awful lot of money each year. Our recruitment for Project and Support workers will have the same job description and this will be very typical for most Housing Associations. So rather than spend all that time, effort and cost on recruitment we often identify candidates using ASR's HR software."

ASR's HR software ensures that SYHA manage all Criminal Record Bureau checks effectively. In addition, the CRB report, which has to be run every three years, is fully automated within the product.

Like all Housing Associations, SYHA can be audited on Schedule 1 of the Housing Act. ASR's HR software manages this process effectively and a complete audit trail is available from within the software to help ensure transparency.

Hilary believes: "ASR's .net Workflow software will even provide Line Managers with prompts to ensure that the task is completed. Inevitably, we will see huge administration overhead savings and tasks completed more efficiently and effectively. I also see the module helping us to manage our 360-degree appraisals process."

For further information:

Tony Flanagan
ASR Computers
ASR House
Arden Grove
+44 (0)1582 714 800

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Deeper Release:
Intelliworks Announces Next Generation CRM Architecture
– a Multi-Tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution for Higher Education Scalable, Configurable, Multi-Tenant Platform with Rich User Experience

Intelliworks, Inc., the leader in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for higher education, announces its next generation CRM platform called Orion. Built from the ground up as a pure web based on-demand solution, Orion CRM is the first multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed specifically to address the unique needs of higher education. Orion is a balanced constellation of -
    1. Rich User Experience- the most user friendly and elegant user interface in higher education
    2. Zero Installed Software- requires nothing to be installed on campus or on any users computer
    3. Fast Implementation- implemented in hours as opposed to months and years
    4. Continuous Updates- rapid feature introduction that happens on a constant basis
"Orion answers the cries of higher education institutions for simplification and provides a more fluid way to accomplish marketing and recruiting activities," said Dev Ganesan, President and CEO of Intelliworks. "It is easy and quick to try; you can load your data and send your campaigns out very quickly. All this can be done at an incredibly low cost, low risk, and frankly, low commitment."

"As a vertically focused Enterprise 2.0 solution, Orion embodies the principles of and Facebook offerings by incorporating simplicity, collaboration, and a rich user experience into the DNA of its architecture," said Anirban Chakrabarti, Vice President of Product Marketing for Intelliworks. "This highly scalable and configurable multi-tenant platform will allow Intelliworks to meet the needs of the higher education market, where budgets are tight and IT resources are limited while business processes and workflow vary from institution to institution."

Orion provides institutions with ease of use, quick configuration and rapid deployment, all through a web browser. Because there is no software to install, the Orion SaaS solution can be deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of existing systems and internal development efforts. Activities like loading data and running targeted marketing campaigns can be accomplished in less than an hour. Users will be able to build widgets on their CRM home page that give them a view into their Campaigns, Contacts, Activities, etc.

Higher education institutions ranging from business schools, professional schools, community colleges, for-profit institutions as well as undergraduate programs, will benefit from Orion's feature-rich, 100% web-based SaaS environment.

"SaaS solutions have gained great exposure within the larger business community over the last year," said Catherine Burdt, Sr. Analyst at Eduventures, Inc. "Higher education institutions of all sizes can also benefit from the low cost of ownership, rich user experience and less system downtime that comes from this software model. As companies target the higher education space, solutions that are tailored to meet the CRM, marketing and communication needs of this space will thrive."

The Orion solution will streamline relationship marketing and communication functions of higher education institutions, while facilitating better interaction across departments and programs. It provides a 360 degree view of all contacts, and a complete view of all communication with each contact in one centralized location.

More details about Orion's features and pricing will be available at launch in Summer 2007.

About Intelliworks
Intelliworks, Inc. provides on-demand CRM software solutions that help both small colleges & large universities personalize, extend, and meet their relationship marketing goals with prospects, applicants, students, alumni, companies, and other constituents.

Please visit for additional information.

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Presentation from John and Bridget Sumser, Rethinking The Workforce is available for download.

Ten Principles for Recruiting An Integenerational Workforce from John Sumser.

Got News? Send us (carrie.baggs at your company news, personnel changes, placements, and other tidbits of interest. News you'd like to see covered that we haven't? Let us know.

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