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Spreading the Wealth

(December 3, 2008) C Magazine, a new magazine highlighting life in California, features an article in the December 2008 issue on women executives putting a new face on charitable efforts. The New Philanthropists are "high-powered women in the 650-a colony of tech-moguls and venture capitalists-changing the face of charity." Women are in the forefront of big dollar, hands-on giving.

We would like to bring to light and acknowledge the charitable work of companies in our industry.

The Bugler recently published news about Arbita's participation in the world of micro-lending:
Tis Always the Season
Arbita, a provider of recruitment marketing technology, media and services, funded 500 micro-loans in 2008 for entrepreneurs in the developing world. Loans were made by Arbita through, a person-to-person micro-lending website that aims to alleviate poverty by connecting individual lenders with borrowers in 41 developing countries. Arbita invests 1% of revenue annually in micro-loans through Kiva.

David Hurst at is a deep believer in volunteerism and charitable giving. In a conversation at the Onrec Conference we discussed what the effect of every high school and college student spending 10 hours a month doing charitable work would have on the world. We came up with some amazing notions. His team promotes each of their favorite charities.

We must mention a few projects spearheaded by women that interbiznet supports. They are bringing creativity into philanthropy.

Jean Smith, is working on the ground with The Kuwesa HIV widows project in Kenya. Micro-loans gave the widows the ability to create a product that they can sell to support themselves and the HIV orphans in their care. They are now producing reversible jackets featuring a Kanga (wrap fabric with Swahili sayings) on one side and contrasting African fabric on the other.

America Scores Bay Area has a new campaign lead by Bridget Sumser, The Inspired Art Project. The Project raises money for America SCORES's innovative Bay Area after-school program linking soccer, poetry and service learning. With community building and inspiration as guiding principles, local artists are asked to match existing pieces or create new works of art that speak to SCORES' youth poetry. Take a look. This is an interesting approach in dialectical fundraising. Think about getting involved.

interbiznet congratulates each of these groups for their efforts!

Let us know what your company is doing. It is great to see the good deeds from the Recruiting arena.

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