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Caroo on the Move

(October 23, 2008) We first met RD Whitney, Ceo of Caroo Media, when he joined the Onrec team to orchestrate their expansion in North America. He has a rich past in the development and launch of online communities, business portals, magazines, ecommerce web services, conferences, business forums, and online directories. He is now launching (TMT), a project that clearly allows his experience to bring a solid knowledge base to the current online trends.

The project appears to be a way to let your company have a social network of its own rather than you having to have a social network that is about your company.

An interactive directory is a great way to have your company information available to the public with a spin that comes directly from you. We love the content in exchange for promotion business model.

Here are the details, straight from the horses mouth: (TMT), the largest searchable directory online of talent management technologies and services, is a creation of Caroo Media, the online media division of the international B2B media company, The Tarsus Group. TMT runs on 365Media's FireStarter Software, enabling you to become your very own "firestarter" of content on our site—for free.

TMT's core mission is to provide a comprehensive, searchable, and interactive online database that facilitates the development of relationships between buyers and sellers in the recruiting marketplace, helping all involved to do business in a more reliable, efficient, and profitable manner.

Here, at TMT, you may build your very own company profile - your "My Space" in the talent management marketplace. We give you the keys to drive, so post a press release or white paper, start a blog, and browse the database. Think of us as a business community where you create the content.

Our directory contains a listing of businesses that provide talent management, HR, and recruiting technology products and related services. You can search them all. TMT is an online destination for anyone with an interest in talent management.

We also encourage you to direct your customers to so that they, too, may comment on the content and participate in the community. A site teeming with activity begets yet more activity and innovation for this dynamic industry.
We will keep you posted.

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