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Community Based Contribution

(October 15, 2008)  In a new feature, interbiznet is going to follow local community based organizations every month. We feel these times ask us to connect and network locally across markets and mission statements.

The economy is pushing on everyone -- and community based services face tremendous cuts in funding and individual donor support. At times, its hard to know where to give, and what your dollar does. Often, its our time, energy and expertise that is needed most.

We hope that these featured organizations inspire and offer reminders of hope in such potent times of change.

America SCORES Bay Area, part of the national organization, America SCORES.

America SCORES Bay Area, an affiliate of America SCORES, empowers students in urban communities using soccer, writing, creative expression, and service-learning. With teamwork as the unifying value, America SCORES Bay Area inspires youth to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged students, and become agents of change in their communities.

We are highlighting America SCORES Bay Area because we believe in their model. Using sports based youth development as a launching point, SCORES' teams develop essential health and literacy skills and knowledge through the physical and emotional safety that comes from working as a team. Taking the skills and knowledge they build as a team, SCORES poet-athletes go out into their communities and give back, identifying civic issues that are important to them.

This is the kind of work that leads to the types of job candidates we want in the future - whole, healthy people - strong, independent voices, committed to their community. This requires our long term commitment now.

To donate now please visit:

For more information about America SCORES Bay Area check them out online at

To find how to get involved with America SCORES in your home city, visit

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