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(November 13, 2008)  Receiving the Bugler in your email box daily allows you to keep up with what is happening in the Industry in a few minutes a day.

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Reveille & Hyperbole
Authoria announced Rapid Results, services that enable enterprises to and easily configure Authoria Talent Management via point-and-click control of every element of the application, from workflows and forms to compensation and performance-management cycles, languages, and local business practices.

MrTed, global provider of Talent Acquisition Solutions, announced the general availability of MrTedTalentLink version 2.8, its flagship Talent Acquisition Solution, which enables companies of all sizes worldwide to optimise the process of acquiring and deploying talent.

Employment Background Investigations, Inc. (EBI), specializing in global background screening, drug testing and occupational healthcare solutions has again achieved top accolades from The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) by placing in the top ten among advertisers in HRMagazine's August 2008 Ad-Q Study.

Conenza, a provider of corporate social networking software and services for Global 2000 enterprises, is sponsoring The Human Capital Institute Extended Talent Networks online education and research track.

Human Capital Search de México has joined the Signium International, Inc. global network of retained executive search consultancies. The firm, which is one of the leading executive search firms in Mexico and Latin America, will co-brand under the name Signium International.

Talent management solutions company Lee Hecht Harrison, releases its Career Resource Network (CRN), a comprehensive web portal to help individuals going through a career transition to explore their options, define their objectives, conduct a job search, pursue business ownership, or consider active retirement.

The Carter Group continues its 15 years of growth by going international. A registered office in England, and satellite operation near Bordeaux, France, will function as an integral part of The Carter Group LLC's organization, and will compliment the strategic US locations: Chicago, Washington D.C., Phoenix, with its headquarters in Mobile, AL.

Charlesmore Partners International LLC, a global provider of organizational strategy consulting services, announced the publication of its latest Executive Insight Thought Leader that describes organizational strategy, and explains why it is so important for successful and sustainable execution of business strategy. The paper highlights the key elements and process of organizational strategy and describes the skills needed to effectively orchestrate the process. This paper is the second of a series of three Thought Leaders on organizational strategy. is a peer-to-peer job referral exchange connecting job-hunters directly with company insiders. To reward insiders for their assistance, job-seekers may announce a referral bonus. Posted bonuses range anywhere from zero to hundreds of dollars and are paid only after a candidate is hired as a result of insider's referral.

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