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Onrec 2009

(November 5, 2008) Our friends at Onrec are on the hunt for Speakers.

Call for Speakers for the 2009 Global Online Recruiting Event of the Year

Building on the incredible success of the Onrec Expo this past September ( video #1 new video ), this is a call for speakers having a profound impact on our rapidly changing industry for the upcoming 2009 Global Online Recruiting Conference and Expo to be held November 3-4, 2009 in Chicago.

"The general feeling that surrounds our annual Chicago show is that it is unique, global and serious," says David Hurst, Founder of "The Onrec Expo is a place where the industry evolves, deals get done and careers advance."

Continuing on the theme as "The Only Global Gathering of Recruiting Leaders and Game-Changing Technologies," the Onrec Expo will be largest, most innovative, most attended online recruiting event of 2009.

In 2009, Onrec will be covering the spectrum of topics from novice to power online recruiter with a particular emphasis on the current evolution that is happening in the marketplace. Along with an awards program, Onrec will be co-locating with other synergistic events relevant to global online recruitment such as the International Association of Employment Web Sites ( Congress.

The goal is to bring together all stakeholders involved in recruitment technology purchase decisions to a single location for mutual benefit. That location will be Chicago November 3-4, 2009. This success will only happen if Onrec delivers a truly unique program. Our worldwide staff is working to create an event that delivers intense learning and networking. The event will deliver measurable ROI and exceptional networking possibilities for attendees and exhibitors.

This notice serves as an open invitation for industry luminaries to submit a speaker proposal to our selection committee before the final program is cemented. Proposals should be sent to: for consideration.

For recruiting technologies interested in planning their 2009 growth, the time to secure your spot (and save) is now! "There are a lot of shows out there focused on recruitment, but the show is the only conference on the planet that brings together leaders and solutions from around the globe," says's USA CEO, RD Whitney. "The Global Online Recruitment Conference will be an opportunity for industry and recruitment professionals from around the world to learn, partner, and share for mutual benefit. If you provide a human capital technology solution to the recruitment function, whether it's a niche job board, applicant tracking systems or RPO, you'll definitely want to participate."

"We do have exhibit opportunities remaining, but the best locations are being reserved quickly because of the amazing success of our September 2008 program," says Tim Hartrich ( Tim @ ). "In addition, because we understand the need for cost efficient marketing, Onrec has a early bird program in place to reserve a booth for approximately half the cost of the other industry events."

Not only is this the must attend global event for the industry (with more qualified attendees than any other niche online recruiting conference), it is the most cost efficient. But, don't take our word for it, listen to what your industry colleagues are saying: news.

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