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Geo-Tech Capacity and Local Workforce Demographics

(September 29, 2008) Three Geo-workforce demographics shed practical understanding on the technical capacity of a local workforce. Industry, occupation, and skill demographics provide a better way to understand the tech capacity of a location and reveal where pools of technical talent exist.

Industry Employment: To learn more about the technical capacity of the local workforce, start with the overall workforce profile and labor market summary, which breakdown local employment into 20 standard industries. Included are employment counts by industry within a local workforce, which provide information about industries that require technical and technological skills.

The table and pie chart below show total industry employment (123,408 workers) for an urban location in the northeastern United States. They indicate the number and percent employed in each industry, including manufacturing, information, and health care, as well as what is referred to as the professional, scientific, and technical services industry.

Breakdown of Local Employment into 20 Industries
Provided by Workforce Strategies, Inc.

Breakdown of Local Employment into 20 Industries
Provided by Workforce Strategies, Inc.

Occupation Employment: A workforce occupation profile is a thorough and quick look at a location's occupational employment. It aggregates the workforce into 92 broader occupation categories showing employment counts for scientists, engineers, technicians, computer specialists, production, skilled workers, and more. In addition, the Workforce Occupation Index (WOI) is also included, which indicates the employment concentration of each when compared to the U.S. figures.

Drilling further down:
     The high-tech occupation profile can then be used to look at geographic employment numbers and concentrations for 71 high-tech and technical occupations in a local workforce.
     The workforce profile narrows the list by showing the top 10 high-tech occupations in terms of the highest number of employees. (The table below shows employee counts for a county located in the southern part of the United States.)
     The industrial-manufacturing occupation profile shows employee numbers and their concentration for 110 production-related occupations.
     The other industry-specific occupation profiles, such as health care, show related employee counts.

Top 10 High-Tech Occupations by Highest Number of Employees
Provided by Workforce Strategies, Inc.

Skill Employment: The Geo-Technical Skills report shows employment numbers for 11 technical skills. It indicates the significance of each skill in the local workforce and includes the portion, employment number, and percent of the workforce where that skill is significant to an area's job performance and workplace. The Geo-Skills Index compares each skill's employment concentration to the U.S. figures.

Quality control analysis, programming, and technology design are some of the skills included in the Geo-Technical skills analysis.

Using these three geo-workforce demographics (industry, occupation, and skill employment), in combination with one' existing human resource knowledge and tools, provides a broader understanding of any location's technical capacity.

Theresa Clary is CEO of Workforce Strategies, Inc. The company's geo-workforce demographics are delivered through a partnership with ESRI, the world's largest GIS technology company.

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