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What Kind of Networker are You?

(September 18, 2008)  You're a recruiter? You network. It's that simple. But what kind of networker are you? There are four main categories. To decide which one you fit into, pick the one that describes you best:

"I want what I want when I want it. Networking for me is very goal-directed and I want to achieve my goals and I very much enjoy talking to people and getting to know them along the way. I might be able to get to my goals some other way but I enjoy doing it by socializing and talking with people in the process." If you picked this, you are a POWER networker.

"I want what I want when I want it. Networking for me is very goal-directed and I want to achieve my goals. Talking with people is certainly one way to do it but the important thing for me is the goal. I hate to waste a lot of time in idle chatter with people." If you picked this, you are a REQUIREMENT networker.

"I love to talk to people and networking is a very good way to give me that opportunity. I do want to achieve my goals but I really would be bored if I had to do it by sending out a bunch of letters rather than talking to people. To me that is not a waste of time but something I look forward to." If you picked this, you are a SOCIAL networker.

"If this describes you best: Networking for me is a necessary evil. I want to get my goals achieved but networking takes a lot of time and effort and may not even accomplish very much. There are some very effective ways of doing it that don't involve the expenditure of time and energy that face-to-face networking demands." If you picked this, you are a CAUTIOUS networker.

Next time you're at a networking event, talking to someone you don't know, try to identify that their networking style. Just remember, networking, like recruiting, is NOT an exact science. Sometimes you think you're engaging with one sort of person and they turn out to be totally different.

If they're networking in the same style as you, you'll find it easier because they'll seem oh so familiar. But depending on what you're networking for, you may find yourself opposite someone who is nothing like you. Here are some quick tips:
  • If you love recruiting and believe you always will, you're probably a Power Networker. If the other person is smiling even when they think no one's looking, the social part of networking is very important to them. Chat them up before you get down to business.

  • If you're faced with someone who's either networking because they need a job or someone dragged them to the event, approach them in a lower key way and don't overwhelm them with your powerfulness.

  • Remember that YOU'RE the one who can adjust how you're approaching the other person. So the power is all really on your side, even if you use it to look like - temporarily - you don't have very much of it. When your goal is engagement, you measure your results by the OTHER person's movement, not yours.

The Gabriel Institute
A Talent Management Solution Provider

Colleen Gildea
colleen@(remove this)

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