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(November 7, 2011) - San Francisco Shows Hiring Gain, Major Losses in Louisville, Memphis and Milwaukee, States New Employment Index

Managerial recruitment activity had a slight gain of 1.8 points in October, according to the new Employment Index. The October 2011 Index, which measures managerial hiring activity online, rose to 104.4, up 4.9 from a year ago, and more than 36 points higher than October 2009.

"Even with subdued hiring rates and elevated unemployment, employers still say they're having difficulty filling certain positions," says Tony Lee, publisher, "Considering that millions of people cannot find employment in their industries, the issue may be that employers either aren't willing to pay what candidates are requesting, or they're not willing to revise job requirements and provide training to help the unemployed in order to fill their hiring needs."

The biggest losers in hiring activity this month were Louisville (-22%), Memphis (-20%) and Milwaukee (-16%).

"Louisville and other Midwestern cities have been involved in union contract negotiations, which may have resulted in temporary hiring uncertainty," says Jay Martin, COO, JobSerf. "Memphis, the city with the greatest improvement in managerial hiring in September, may be seeing a natural rebalancing of activity in October."

The only city to show improvement this month was San Francisco with a 2% gain. According to Going Global, the San Francisco region is home to one of the nation's smartest and most innovative workforces. Although it has been economically impacted by recent global financial woes, the San Francisco Bay area has not felt the brunt of the recession as greatly as other areas of the country.

The Employment Index per capita hiring levels for U.S. cities in October are:
    Washington, DC - 160
    Boston - 135
    San Francisco - 113
    Seattle - 100
    Atlanta - 85
    Baltimore - 81
    Chicago - 79
    Nashville - 75
    New York City - 73
    Denver - 69
    Cleveland - 67
    Hartford - 65
    Dallas -61
    Philadelphia - 61
    Minneapolis - 60
    Houston - 59
    Pittsburgh - 57
    Indianapolis - 54
    Milwaukee - 54
    Cincinnati - 50
    St. Louis - 49
    Phoenix - 49
    Louisville - 47
    San Diego - 45
    Los Angeles - 45
    Miami - 40
    Tampa - 39
    Detroit - 39
    Memphis - 36
    Riverside - 20
The Employment Index is an exclusive barometer showing managerial hiring activity based on the number of jobs posted online nationally. The Index reveals the differences in job listings by month, and offers valuable trends and forecasts using proprietary employment data hand-counted by a team of researchers.

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