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Employment Website II
(February 17, 2005) -
- There are a number of general design principles that distinguish a great employment website from a mediocre offering.
  1. Easy Web Access: It has a clear, easy to find link from the company home page.
  2. Easy To Find: Jobs are published so that search engine (Google) results are improved. Search engine position is managed.
  3. Easy To Understand: Links are presented once per page. Naming is Consistent.
  4. Respects Privacy I: Clear, employment specific, policies regarding: privacy, intellectual property, hiring process, data storage, security.
  5. Respects Privacy II: Includes Email a Friend feature.
  6. Access To Jobs I: No Login Required to Browse (unless very clear and compelling value offered in exchange for log in data)
  7. Access To Jobs II: Job Listings Available No More than three clicks from company home page.
  8. Access To Jobs III: Search Engine Depth is appropriate to listing volume.
  9. Meaningful Job Listings: The sell is matched with a substantial understanding of the job itself. It's readable and interesting.
  10. Culture: The company's culture is described thoroughly. Who fits and who doesn't

The most important general principle of great employment website design is good manners. That means that you

  • Never waste a job hunter's time (web speed, site organization, fresh content)
  • Never post jobs you are not planning to fill
  • Always provide alternate means of application
  • Always acknowledge receipt of the application
  • Always provide a variety of means for contacting the recruiter
  • Set expectations appropriately
  • Get to "No" as quickly as possible
- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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