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(July 01, 2004) - The perfect day to download the Integrated Employment Branding Presentation    (requires Acrobat).

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From the Bureau
State Personal Income: First Quarter 2004 Personal income for the Nation grew 1.4 percent in the first quarter of 2004, the same as in the fourth quarter of 2003, and up from 1.2 percent in the third quarter. According to newly released estimates, personal income growth accelerated in 21 States and the District of Columbia. These States accounted for more than 57 percent of total personal income. Nationally, earnings grew in every industry except natural resources and mining.

Merck & Co., a global pharmaceutical company, and the Central Intelligence Agency join the CareeerJournal database.

USAJOBS unveils new website improvements, including a job search email agent. A job seeker can create up to five job search agents to receive a daily, weekly, or monthly notice of matching job opportunities as they are posted to the website.

Peopleclick, a provider of workforce acquisition technology, forms a strategic partnership with Allegis Group Services, a global provider of contract services and solutions. Allegis Group uses its SpringBoard workforce management solution to combine Peopleclick's best-in-class technology with the company's own staffing expertise to improve and simplify human capital acquisition and management.

Help-Wanted Index
The Conference Board Help-Wanted Advertising Index increased one point in May. The index now stands at 39, up from 38 the previous month. It was 36 one year ago. In the last 3 months, help-wanted advertising declined in five of the nine U.S. regions. The steepest decline occurred in the East South Central (-14.5%) region, followed by slight declines in four other regions, including the West South Central (-4.8%) East North Central (-3.3%), West North Central (-1.6%) and Mountain (-0.6%) regions. Help-wanted advertising increased moderately in four regions, including the South Atlantic (2.5%), New England (1.6%), Pacific (0.6%) and Middle Atlantic (0.6%) regions.

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