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Remarkable People

(June 24, 2004) - Really great recruiters have a common trait. Their success stories are all about the remarkable people they've met and placed. Although a huge amount of productivity can be gained from a screening programs, remarkable people can be hard to gage.

Remarkable people have the "juice." They are the 'go to' folks who can fit in a variety of slots and come out hyper-productive. They multiply team effectiveness when dropped in. They adapt and change rapidly. They view their early learning experiences (college) as the days when learning was slow. They consistently outperform and out-think their peers.

Remarkable people share several traits:

  • They Value Their Own Time Highly
  • They simplify problems instinctively
  • They build track records of accomplishment
  • They have long term endurance and high energy
  • Their perception of risk is different from others
  • They are quick studies who easily move between disciplines
  • They are hard to pigeonhole
  • They are hard to identify unless you have seem many of them

The approach most recruiting departments take (filling requisitions in a reactive way) prevents the recruiting team from ever finding these remarkable people. Every recruiter should be on the alert for finding them. Any company should have a method for hiring them if found, regardless of the req situation.

Instead, these folks are often overlooked by less successful recruiters.

If you are a leader in a Recruiting operation, you might consider instituting a regular luncheon for your team. Each month, bring in a remarkable candidate to spend time with the group. By getting to see and feel the quality standard, you'll be training the department to acquire the level of talent that your organization needs.

John Sumser

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