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Good People

(July 07, 2003) - The trust gap between workers and their management is an age old problem. These days, it seems to be getting worse. A constant stream of negative news about senior leaders, massive reductions in general benefits, stories about the pains of unemployment, and sluggish economic times all contribute to a sense of growing malaise in the workforce.

Among others, Jon Katzenbach, author of Peak Performance (Aligning the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees), has deeply investigated the question of building commitment in this environment. Winning profound emotional commitment is essential to building a powerful and positive work environment. The literature on the subject is fairly voluminous. We know how to build high-performance environments.

It just doesn't feel like we're doing it.

Employers create and control their work environment and the relationships employees have with their supervisors. It does not always involve conscious or studied decisions but employers can always take control. The environment has its origins in the beliefs of top management and in the supervisory practices of prior generations and evolves very slowly unless there is a catalyst for change.

Workers coming into the work system react to the way they are treated and to what they learn from co-workers. Their experience dictates the way they approach their jobs and level of work effort. Significantly, employees know when the organization is not well managed or when it is not as productive as it could be. The key to creating a high performance organization is the way employees feel about their work environment.

It all starts at the gateway point.

New workers enter the organization full of hope and inspiration. Although the effect is greatest when it is a new worker's first job, each job transition offers a moment of renewal and hope. Each new start carries the resonating memories of other starts. Ultimately, the system weighs in heavily and makes its adjustments.

For Recruiters, the question is clear? How do we make sure that new starts enter the system with the highest levels of motivation and commitment?

John Sumser

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