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Blogs II

(June 26, 2003) - The real power of blogs is not in industry or trend watching. Something like 2% of the people who are online currently have a blog that they've updated in the past 30 days. The roughly 2.5 million active bloggers  write about their lives, their divorces, their hobbies, their reading, their jobs and their work hunting experiences. Someone you know (or at the very minimum, someone known by someone you know) is publishing a blog.

Like the 20 Million or so personal websites scattered around Yahoo, AOL and other services, these blogs can be understood as complex resumes. Pretty soon you'll see the 'search the internet for candidates' course offering to search all of blogdom. In part, that's a legitimate way to understand the phenomenon.

From another perspective, it's something larger. Transparency, a term straight out of the Enron mess, is becoming a way of life. When 2% of the world is writing a public journal, your time in the sun is just moments away. Company transgressions, abusive bosses, impossible conditions or outrageous assignments all make great fodder for the churning machine of blog journalism.

Bloggers watch each other (through a process called Blogrolling). A story builds momentum through links and traffic, just as it is on the web. But, in the blog world, there are method, techniques and technical tools. Stories achieve fascinating momentum within the community and occasionally breakout into mainstream journals. (By the way, taking blogging seriously is a good way to develop traffic development skills.)

In this new, swirling medium, little good is said about HR or Recruiters. Lots of bad press is delivered, however. When you sum up the material, there is solid agreement that looking for work is tough and that experiences with HR are, at best, unsympathetic.

You might take a look at a couple of the following journals to see if you recognize the experience from the other perspective.

John Sumser

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