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Slow and Steady

(June 13, 2003) - Consolidation. While we're not sure that Recruiting wins in the transactions, the various mergers surrounding Peoplesoft have certainly grabbed the industry's attention. Peoplesoft's bid to acquire JD Edwards was followed almost immediately by a hostile offer from Oracle to buy Peoplesoft. It's high stakes poker in a world where Recruiting is pretty much an afterthought.

In more local news, CareerCast, the technical integration shop in San Diego, is trumpeting its 100th network member. The Wall Street Journal financed operation is handily subdividing the newspaper industry. It has quietly built an infrastructure that rivals the more widely publicized CareerBuilder network. In other words, while HotJobs/Yahoo and Monster slug it out for the title of biggest single portal, there has been a flowering in the job ad distribution business.

NicheBoards, CareerCast, HodesIQ, CareerBuilder, JobViper, TrueStar (aka IIRC), Who To Choose, Recruitusa, and a host of others, offer companies the opportunity to simultaneously post a single job ad in a variety of places. While the relative benefit of doing so varies widely, it's becoming clear that these traffic aggregators have eeked out a post-crash survival position.

It's a bewildering array of quality and offerings.

Each firm specializes in an aspect or two of the process. CareerCast and CareerBuilder, for instance, focus on the delivery of national distribution for each of their job board members. For a fee, a job posted in a local newspaper's site can be broadcast throughout the rest of the network.

NicheJobs, on the other hand, specializes in targeted distribution to professional portals. With their service, you can optimize advertising delivery by occupation.

Each of the operations consolidates the industry, not by merger but by productivity. The more sophisticated players (HodesIQ, for example) offer detailed measurement and analysis of performance.

The market is large. The choices are more complex than they ought to be. We expect to see additional innovation in this specific area.

John Sumser

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