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Employment Site Effectiveness I

(June 09, 2003) -    - As we mentioned on Friday, measurement is the essential tool for understanding the consequences of your actions. Knowing the results you are trying to achieve and being able to articulate your relative effectiveness is the foundation of management.

As the build out of Candidate Voice continues, we are finding ripe areas for measurement and improvement. The web generates so much specific data that it is a goldmine for a manager who is willing to experiment and test. The employment website represents an astonishing opportunity to understand the way the world sees you and how you affect it.

It also provides a platform for controlling the quality of the applicants in your database.

The first, and most obvious, measurement is the Abandonment Rate (AR). Abandonment is the term used to describe uncompleted website interactions. The Abandonment Rate (AR) is the overall percentage of web visits that failed to produce a completed job application. It's called abandonment because The Abandonment Rate (AR) for the average employment section ranges from 99% to 95%.

Conversion rates are the opposite of the AR. A website with a 98% AR has a Conversion Rate (CR) of 2%. It's called the conversion rate to indicate that a visitor has been 'converted' into an applicant.

That's right. Most employment websites only collect applicant data from 1% of the people who visit them. The bulk of employment websites see Conversion Rates in the 1% to 5% arena.

To put this in context, the CR for randomly sent direct marketing materials is roughly the same as employment website CRs. (In direct marketing, AR is the rate at which junk mail is thrown away.) This is not a good thing.

This implies that people who make the decision to visit your employment website have a junk mail experience.

Over the next couple of days. we'll look at the questions raised in this article.

-John Sumser

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