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(February 06, 2003) -
- If you read through the archives of, you'll see that any number of people confuse us with that anonymous New York sage. We're flattered. Given the naming conventions, you'd be surprised how many folks confuse us with the Electronic Recruiting Exchange. Over the years, we've come to understand that as flattery, too.

David Manaster, CEO of the Electronic Recruiting Exchange has a master arm-twister on his staff. Kate Breuner managed to persuade us to participate in this year's ER Expo 2003 West. We're going to run a panel discussion with the heads of the major job boards and give a separate talk on Employment Branding as a comprehensive Recruiting Strategy.

Generally speaking, we shy away from the trade shows. At most, we participate in a couple a year. We haven't been to any at all in the last couple of years.

But, there's a change in the wind. Manaster and Breuner have their ears close to the ground and we agree with them. While it may not be immediately obvious, something is happening. With the slow, patterned uplift in 2000 (earnings growth averaged 4%) and the relative stabilization of downsized companies, our market has plateaued and is ready for a lift off. They argued and we agreed that the ERExpo was likely to be an event that made a difference.

Obviously, the on-stage entertainment will be extraordinary. During the panel, we'll exchange tough stances with the job board CEOs (note: no stand-ins will be tolerated). You should assume that any of the major Job Board CEOs who stay away are shying away from the heat. While we'll negotiate the rules of engagement in advance, be sure that there will be engagement.

We're really looking forward to our other event as well. As we've been exploring the industry recently, we've been discovering operations that use employment branding as a way of life. We figured out the process for making your organization successful with that premise. As we start retooling, new recruiters are joining our ranks for the journey into the next generation of recruiting.

We'll have a booth, too. (Guess we'll have to figure out what the new business is by then.) We'll also be conducting small meetings 'high above the showroom floor'.

So it looks like the fun is moving to San Diego in March. We're certain that it will be the grass roots beginning of things to come. You'll hear about the stories after the event. So, why not join us

- John Sumser  

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