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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler

interbiznet presents The Bugler

December 15, 2006

2006 Top Ten V2
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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Monster(R), the leading global online careers and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (MNST), announced it has added six companies to its roster of HR Alliance Program members and expanded the program's scope to include two new categories. New Premier members include: APS - SmartSearch Online, HRsmart and MrTed. New Certified members include: JobAps, KBACE and Propellum (a Zycus division). Through its Certified members, Monster moves into the job wrapping and applicant tracking system (ATS) consultant categories. Today's announcement brings the HR Alliance Program's total membership to 18 organizations.

The need for a reliable means of outsourcing services from freelancers has given birth to a new web site that brings employers and freelancers together for outsourcing of projects. facilitates the outsourcing of projects from freelancers by companies from all areas of the world through an online service that offers language translation, multiple currencies, and an escrow service that insures projects are satisfactorily completed. "Access to global talent is no longer limited to the large multi national corporations. Individual business owners can now seek global talent, or talent they could otherwise not afford on a full time basis", said Catherine Matthew, co-founder of

The team at 925staff is proud of the 21 years of experience in the recruitment industry and has launched a new and exciting product in the form of a job board by the name of The new site has been launched to capitalise on the success of the internet and is primarily focused around the 9 to 5 office jobs and is open to all and numerous industries. Using internet technology the site will service all office vacancies ranging from secretarial to marketing researchers and planners.

AdMonsters, a privately held professional association for online ad operations professionals worldwide, announced the launch of its job listing site. The AdMonsters Ad Operations Job Board was created in direct response to the growing need expressed by its members and the ad operations community at large for a job board focused specifically on ad operations. The board is open to both members and non-members who may post and view the listings.

Market10™ announced its selection as ‘one of the most innovative technologies in the southeast region' by the Southeast Venture Conference (SEVC). Market10 is the only online recruiting solution awarded by SEVC and was selected as one of 25 companies to present from hundreds of new innovative companies in the region. Market10's Chairman & CEO, Rob McGovern, will showcase Market10 at the upcoming SEVC.  "The caliber of companies selected to present at the SEVC is quite impressive and has greatly exceeded everyone's expectations involved in the selection process," said Eric Gregg, SEVC Executive Director. "It's easy to see why the southeast is leading the nation in technology innovation across a number of industries. We are incredibly proud of all of the presenting companies participating in this inaugural event."

The value of stock option grants at the largest U.S. corporations fell significantly in 2005, as companies cut back on the number of options granted and the number of employees receiving them, according to a recent study by Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading global consulting firm. As a result, employees can expect decreased income from options in the future. In its survey of public data from 793 companies in the S&P Composite 1500, a stock index that includes companies of various sizes in all sectors of the U.S. economy, Watson Wyatt estimated that the total economic value (using the Black-Scholes formula) of stock options granted to all employees declined 71 percent between 2001 and 2005, from $137 billion to $40 billion. This includes a 32 percent decline from 2004 to 2005. The value of stock option grants per company likewise plunged 33 percent, from $43 million in 2004 to $29 million in 2005, with the bulk of this reduction below the executive level. Estimated Total Stock Option Grant Value for S&P Composite 1500 in billions of dollars
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
$137B $87B $59B $59B $40B

Deck Chairs:
Alberto Ibarguen, president and chief executive officer of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, will become chairman of the Newseum Jan. 1, 2007, and four nationally known people will join the Newseum board.The new trustees include three media executives and a former director of the National Park Service:
* Gary L. Ginsberg, executive vice president, corporate affairs, News Corp.
* George B. Irish, president, Hearst Newspapers, and senior vice president, Hearst Corp.
* Robert Stanton, former director, National Park Service
* David Westin, president, ABC News

You Should Know:

Coca-Cola and Fair Employment Practices: It's the Real Thing
One of the outcomes of the settlement of a major race discrimination lawsuit against Coca-Cola was that there would be careful monitoring of its HRM practices. That monitoring effort led to annual reports, made publicly available, regarding the fairness of the company's HRM practices. Now, Coca-Cola has released what it says is the fifth and last of these reports. The report, which is very extensive, reports on nine HR systems. (EASI)

Outsourcing With Confidence
Looking for the next low-priced location for IT operations? Before sending your work halfway around the world, consider these tips
Call it the low-cost labor chase. Fed up with Bangalore's swiftly rising costs, high turnover, and overstretched infrastructure, companies are looking to send IT operations to other cities. Need some inexpensive tech support? Check out Ho Chi Minh City. Want to develop a security system? Take a look at Bucharest. But be warned. The labor may be cheap, but the risks can be high. Companies that shift work to developing countries have to be prepared to deal with language and cultural differences, potential political instability, and possibly even the theft of valuable intellectual property. Here's a guide for going global. (Business Week)

A FORMER Glenrothes policewoman has been charged with getting the best possible boys - and girls - in blue.
Audrey Laird has become Fife Constabulary's first diversity officer and her background has made her tailor-made for the job.
When she joined the force in 1995, women officers had to wear skirts, were given smaller batons than their male colleagues and even carried handbags. (
Fife Today) welcomes 14 million online jobseekers has revitalised its UK recruitment website following 18 months' extensive research into Great Britain's working population. The research revealed huge growth in the online jobseeking community up from 8.7m in 2000 to 14m in 2006; meaning that 70% of the UK working population are jobseeking online. The independent findings dispelled many online myths showing that drivers, secretaries and part-time workers are just as likely to look online as retail and project managers. (OnRec)

Canary Wharf's Best Kept Secret
Canary Wharf is London's premier business district, and with its 97 acres of business and residential sites, Canary Wharf has firmly established itself as the ‘New City" With a large number of prestigious banking and financial institutions already making their presence known in the area, Canary Wharf continues to attract the attention of leading institutions and a growing number of hedge funds, even being labelled by some as the ‘Wall Street of London'. (OnRec)

CNO Promotes Top Recruiters of the Year
Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Mullen meritoriously promoted two Enlisted Recruiters of the Year from Commander, Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) to the next pay grade on Dec. 12 in a ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Chief Cryptologic Technician (Collection) Brian Davison (Navy Recruiter of the Year, Active Component) from Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Denver was promoted from first class petty officer to chief petty officer, while Navy Counselor 1st Class Francisco Freeman (Reserve Component) from NRD Jacksonville was promoted from second class petty officer to first class petty officer. "You represent the best of the best," said Mullen. (Navy Newsstand)

Deep Release:
IT Employment Resumes Climb in November; Tight Supply Hampers Even Greater Growth

After the first pullback in IT Employment in more than a year in October, IT employment resumed its climb in November. According to the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB), there were 3,674,300 IT workers, an increase of 0.14%, or 5,300, from the previous month. IT employment is up more than 132,000, or almost 4%, since November 2005.

"While near 4% year-over-year growth in IT employment is impressive performance, this statistic alone does not fully convey the strength in demand for IT professionals. Unemployment rates in many IT occupations are among the lowest unemployment rates in the labor force---effectively achieving in many cases 'Full Employment.' I have no doubt that if there were more IT professionals available in high-demand skillsets, overall IT employment would post even stronger gains," said Mark Roberts, CEO of NACCB.

The tight supply of IT professionals in many skillsets is also being reflected in the strong demand for the services of IT staffing and solutions companies. When demand for IT talent is high, it often outstrips the ability of companies to recruit the necessary IT skillsets or staff projects through their internal resources. Companies will turn to IT services firms to either supplement their own staff or outsource entire projects. For complete IT Employment Index please visit:

Technical note: NACCB's IT Employment Index is the first specific measurement of IT employment. This unique measurement of total IT employment is created monthly by studying the ongoing staffing patterns of a dozen IT and computer related occupations in 16 industries and industry sectors employing significant numbers of IT workers including the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, financial, information services, business and professional services, and education and health industries. The monthly IT Employment Index is based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, which is subject to monthly revisions, and therefore, the Index is revised accordingly. The IT Employment Index is also subject to annual revisions and was most recently benchmarked in May 2006.


NACCB is the only organization solely devoted to representing IT Staffing and Solutions firms and their employees who are creating a new paradigm for the flexible workforce driving the 21st Century economy. These firms provide IT staff augmentation, IT solutions, IT project management, and IT consulting services to America's businesses. NACCB represents over 350 IT services companies serving as the industry voice for public policy. NACCB also supports member companies in efficiently delivering high quality services to their clients. NACCB is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.


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Coming Soon:
2007 Corporate Image Conference
January 25 – January 26, 2007
Westin New York at Times Square
New York, NY
Corporate Recruiting & Staffing
Leadership Corporate Academy

February 6, 2007
Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, CA
Other Dates and Locations Available.
Human Capital Management Defense (HCMD) Annual Conference
February 13 -16, 2007
Arlington, VA
Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity
February 20 - 21, 2007
St. Paul Rivercentre
St. Paul, Minnesota.
Strategic E-HR Conference
Using Technology for Comprehensive Talent & Performance Management
February 28 – March 1, 2007
Coronado Island Marriott
San Diego, CA
2007 AESC Americas Conference: THE NEW RULES
March 7 - March 8, 2007
The Harvard Club
New York City, New York
Staffing Industry Executive Forum
March 12-15, 2007
InterContinental Hotel
Miami , Florida
Talent Management Strategies Conference
March 22 – March 23, 2007
Grand Hyatt
New York, NY
Nursing Management Recruitment & Retention Conference
May 4-6, 2007
Chicago Hilton
Chicago, IL

























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