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(May 03, 2001) For a certain kind of person, the term "Lurch" will always be a reminder of Morticia, Gomez and "Thing". The ungainly Adams family Butler looked like an eight foot tall corpse in a tuxedo. Famous for his "urrrrrrrr", he was the ultimate silent type.

Although the dictionary defines "lurching" as "to roll or tip abruptly; to stagger", we're certain that the common usage also implies an image of trying to look good (a tuxedo on a living corpse) while moving abruptly. So, when we say "lurching", we mean the whole package. Imagine well dressed awkward leaping between various next greatest things and you'll get the picture. It's a common management style for older companies trying to deal with the web.

That said, kforce.com is formally changing its name to kforce.

Proving that "dot com mania" was hardly the province of startups, the attempted make over, which fell flat on its face on day one, is a reminder of just how difficult it is to migrate a company into the future. It seems like many companies digest new ideas, no matter how important, as if they were another pet program from the CEO.

In larger operations, there are entire mechanisms designed to prevent new ideas from actually influencing the operations of an organization. Turning improvements into programs that fail is often the job of the staff of the HR manager. In fact, it's reasonable to predict the death of a new initiative if it is assigned to the HR team.

You simply can't win by trying to surf the next trend into untold fortunes. Businesses are built, live and die through solid, research backed developments that keep customers competitive and happy. Moving forward into the real opportunities of the future requires effective helmsmanship, not lurching.

On a similar note, now that the downturn is better understood as a speed bump, our favorite paranoia monger, the Michael Jackson of Recruiting is noted as saying
"Any savvy recruiter is well aware of the economic downturn that is facing most industries today. If that downturn has not yet affected your job as a recruiter, let me assure you that soon it will."
Perhaps it's no surprise that moonwalking and lurching are so similar.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.



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