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Recruiting Video

(May 8, 2008) 

Real People, Doing Real Work - that's what should be showcased on Video!!

The use of video has certainly put the recruiting market in a new position. CareerTV shares below some very important information as well as tips for how to best prepare and plan for a successful video recording. Sean O'Grady and Melissa Uhniat are the producers of CareerTV, the most trafficked video career website. The pair has created over 300 recruiting videos for multiple Fortune 5's, so their tips could be of outmost importance for anyone thinking about producing a recruiting video. CareerTV's clients are representing all industry categories, proving that all industries are well suited for a professional branding video. Among CareerTV's clients you'll find Ford Motor Company, OSRAM Sylvania, Deutsche Bank, Google, Nike, L'Oreal, Merck, FBI and hundreds of other well known companies. To view samples, go to www.careertv.com.
    1. Keep your video brief and direct:
    Videos on the web should run no longer than two minutes in length and should focus on a single topic. Employing this tactic will get your message across and greatly increase the chance of a viewer watching the entire video. The videos that receive the most hits on CareerTV's website time in around ninety seconds.

    2. Don't use actors, teleprompters, or staged actions:
    Today's talent wants a "Reality TV," look at your company. They need to see real people doing real work. We've learned that nothing stops a video view faster than actors or staged work encounters. The fact is, these tactics are not real, and cause the viewer to question what you're hiding.

    3. Condense your feedback:
    Many clients have multiple departments view the draft of their video before it is posted online. Problems occur when members from the Marketing, Legal, and HR departments send separate and sometimes contradictory feedback to the video editors and producers. The best thing to do is organize your feedback and schedule a conference call with the producer to go over the individual points.

    4. Security:
    Make sure your building or complex security team has been informed about your shoot date. We had an unfortunate encounter during a shoot on Wall Street where one of our photographers was almost tackled by an armed guard. It was a misunderstanding of course, but one that took time away from the shoot and put everyone on edge.

    5. One year life span:
    Today's talent are using the web more and more for content. They expect to come to a web page and see fresh, interactive, and intuitive content. Videos get old fast. Hair clothing, and electronic equipment changes, your building changes, and your staff changes. Videos have one-year lifespan, so keep them short, keep them direct, and keep them coming.
Next week we will bring you more information about the ever so rapidly growing use of recruiting videos.

For additional information, please contact Helen Luttemo, Director of PR at CareerTV helen.luttemo@ careertv.com

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