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JobCentral National Labor Exchange II
a public/private alliance to create an employer-funded,
jointly-administered National Labor Exchange

(April 22, 2008) This article the second segment of yesterdays article.

Service Delivery - JobCentral National Labor Exchange
Working in strict compliance with U.S. Department of Labor guidelines and regulations, JobCentral National Labor Exchange was launched by DEA and NASWA in March 2007 to provide employers and states, working together, an online tool to better manage our nation's vast talent resources. The National Labor Exchange is already playing a major role in helping companies build their workforce and comply with State and Federal regulations such as Affirmative Action Program objectives, Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) obligations and Veterans hiring goals.

The DEA/NASWA National Labor Exchange Alliance provides state workforce agencies the opportunity to choose a wide range of services from taking job listing downloads from JobCentral to having JobCentral manage their self-service websites to uploading jobs to the National Labor Exchange. Under the DEA/NASWA Agreement, jobs from DEA's member companies will be distributed to participating state job banks. Federal contractor job listings (FCJL jobs) are distributed to the local level in states which cannot accept downloads or do not have data sharing agreements with JobCentral National Labor Exchange.

The National Labor Exchange helps companies meet their general staffing needs at the time of an impending national labor shortage which has heightened the need for employers to attract a diverse workforce including minorities, veterans, seniors, physically challenged, students and women to the workforce. It allows companies to work directly with government officials at all levels in responding to national emergency recruiting needs such as those experienced as a result of the Katrina disaster.

Brian E. Jensen, Vice President Talent Acquisition for The McGraw-Hill Companies states, "The discontinuance of America's Job Bank along with the projected labor shortage caused by baby-boomer retirements and a dwindling workforce provides a formidable challenge for all employers. JobCentral National Labor Exchange provides an opportunity for companies to meet their compliance and staffing requirements in an environment which is owned, managed and controlled by employers in partnership with state workforce agencies."

JobCentral National Labor Exchange allows job seekers to search jobs with one search across thousands of corporate web sites and leading Internet employment search engines such as Google, Indeed.com and SimplyHired. Jobs are available to job seekers at no charge from corporate web sites, newspapers, trade associations, and other Internet sources in all fifty (50) states, 230 major metropolitan cities, all U.S. cities and postal zip code areas, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

JobCentral National Labor Exchange offers extensive benefits free-of-charge to state workforce centers, Career OneStop Centers, counselors and other individuals who have Workforce Development responsibilities in each state have access to jobs in their respective city, state, or region. Jobs can be downloaded and made available through State or Federal government-approved job distribution sites, a link to the JobCentral site, or by providing the job search technology on a state's employment center web site.

Jobs are also available at no cost to each state via an Application Programming Interface (API), links from state web sites or via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). JobCentral automatically places O*Net Classification Codes on all member-company jobs as is currently required by State workforce classification systems.

JobCentral National Labor Exchange has also entered into agreements with The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) to connect students and alumni with states and employers nationwide.

Established in 1956, NACE is the leading source of employment information for college students and alumni. NACE connects more than 5,200 college career services professionals at nearly 2,000 college and universities nationwide, and more than 3,000 staffing professionals focused on college relations and recruiting. Founded in 1920, AACC has, over four decades, become the leading proponent and the national "voice for community colleges. Today, the association represents almost 1,200 two-year, associate degree-granting institutions.

Service Delivery - VetCentral Job Distribution Program for FCJL Jobs VetCentral, a job distribution program for FCJL jobs on JobCentral National Labor Exchange helps Federal contractors and states meet their responsibilities under the Vietnam Era Veterans Era Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended by the Jobs for Veterans Act of 1992 and as implemented by Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations at 41 CFR 300. The law requires that any employer receiving Federal contracts in the amount of $100,000 or more "shall immediately list all of its employment openings with the appropriate employment service delivery system." The law also states that each such employment service delivery system shall give such qualified covered veterans priority in referral to such openings.

Posting job orders to state job banks is not a simple task for employers. No state job bank is equipped to accept a batched stream of jobs. If they accept jobs electronically, the employer must enter each job individually. Most states have specific requirements for company registration with the state job bank and many states have very detailed requirements for the format of jobs to be posted with the state job bank which differ from state to state. Virtually no state has the ubiquitous, intrinsic capability to produce a report on job listings for OFCCP compliance purposes, primarily because such reports were traditionally provided by America's Job Bank. Moreover, most state job banks do not have a mechanism in place as part of their automated systems for providing veterans priority in referral to Federal contractor jobs.

This unique web-based application, which acts as a distribution center for Federal contractor jobs by "pushing" them to the appropriate employment service delivery system and maintaining the necessary records on each transaction, is a cost-effective compliance solution for employers.

For employers, VetCentral is the only system that can assure compliance in all states for companies with both pre- and post-December 1, 2003 Federal government contracts. It delivers jobs now to state and local offices and will be delivering jobs to an ever expanding number of state job banks. Coverage down to the local office level will continue to be critical for compliance, at least for the next couple of years, because many state job banks are not equipped to handle a bulk stream of job orders. Beyond that time, the linkages developed by VetCentral with the local employment offices and the local staff charged with veteran responsibilities, such as DVOPs and LVERs, will become an integral part of employers' affirmative action plans.

The ability to track and provide reports on the delivery of jobs to the appropriate locations may be one of the enduring values of the JobCentral/VetCentral system. Maintaining records for a local distribution is a massive task which VetCentral has already mastered. Maintaining records for state level distribution is already in place at VetCentral. Most states, now and in the foreseeable future, are incapable of generating the compliance reports that were regularly provided by America's Job Bank. Even if such reports are generated in the future, they will have multiple formats and require significant manipulation prior to presentation to OFCCP. The single point of contact for reporting provided by VetCentral is a significant advantage to employers.

VetCentral complies with both the spirit and intent of the mandatory job listing requirement by delivering job listings, through One Stop Career Centers or as otherwise directed by each state, to the nearest of the more than 2,200 Disabled Veterans Outreach Program specialist (DVOP), Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER), local employment service office (if it exists), or a One Stop Career Center if it contains an integral employment service component funded under Wagner-Peyser Act where they are "actionable."

When possible, jobs are also entered into state job banks. VetCentral provides required compliance reporting capabilities for participating employers. It also offers an extensive tool set for use by veterans' employment representatives, again to make FCJL jobs more "actionable." The goal is not just compliance, but to get qualified veteran job applicants in front of Federal contractor hiring points.

VetCentral is fully integrated into JobCentral National Labor Exchange, making it easy for Federal contractors to comply with recent changes to the Federal Contractor Job Listing (FCJL) program. It eliminates the need for each Federal contractor to identify the appropriate local service delivery system and maintain those contacts for their job listings. In addition to providing VEVRAA and JVA compliance, the many benefits of the VetCentral program include:
    1) elimination of the significant administrative burden facing Federal contractors in distributing their job listings to the appropriate veterans delivery system;
    2) a single point of job entry through JobCentral's indexing process;
    3) assists states in giving covered veterans priority in referral to employment openings;
    4) required compliance reports for Federal contractors through JobCentral; and,
    5) provides returning veterans access to thousands more quality job opportunities.
Basic services for both JobCentral National Labor Exchange and VetCentral are available free of charge to ALL employers, regardless of size, in all industries. Large employers' jobs are indexed (scraped) directly from their corporate web sites. Non-member FCJL jobs must be individually entered by the employer. Employers who do not have jobs available online for indexing may enter their jobs at no cost through participating state sites. DEA member companies have detailed, on-demand OFCCP reports available to them online.

Tomorrow we will cover: Performance Outcomes, Governance and, Replicability.

Articles courtesy of Bill Warren

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DirectEmployers Association's purpose is to develop and manage the JobCentral National Labor Exchange.

It's related Internet systems and software helps employers increase labor market efficiency and drastically reduce recruiting costs.

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