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JobCentral National Labor Exchange III
a public/private alliance to create an employer-funded,
jointly-administered National Labor Exchange

(April 23, 2008) This article the third segment the series.
JobCentral National Labor Exchange I
JobCentral National Labor Exchange II

Performance Outcomes
The following statement was posted as a news release on the WorkInTexas.com web site on March 14, 2008 by the Texas Workforce Commission, "The proven Texas job-search Web site, is bigger and better than ever. Through a partnership with JobCentral.com, a national job-search clearinghouse, WorkInTexas.com has boosted the number of openings available to Texas job seekers to more than 125,000, a jump of more than 25 percent. JobCentral.com is operated by DirectEmployers Association, a nonprofit consortium owned and managed by 375 Fortune 500 companies, increasing the number of professional-level positions on WorkInTexas.com as well."

Other states, such as California with a 60% increase in CALJOBS and Minnesota with a 50% increase in Minnesota Works.net, are reporting significant increases in the number of jobs now in their state employment site databases as a result of the Alliance.

JobCentral database records show that over 900,000 FCJL jobs for veterans were delivered to the state and local levels during the first full year for operation prompting the following responses from state representatives:

Roosevelt (Ted) Halley, Executive Director, South Carolina Security Commission recently wrote, "VetCentral has been great. They worked with all my local offices to make sure the jobs got to the right place and veterans had expanded opportunities."

Rex Platt, Veterans Program Technician, Arkansas, sent at note stating "You folks are doing a great job. I don't have a Veterans Representative in any of my local offices (and some have been around 20 years+) that ever remembers having received a real live job order from a Federal contractor from a nationwide site set up for that purpose."

Barbara Angel, HR Mgr Compliance Programs Diversity & Inclusion at Frito-Lay, Inc. sent DEA an email on March 28, 2008 to say, "(Frito-Lay) recently had an (OFCCP) review at our facility in Connecticut. (We) printed off the notices by month since we began with JobCentral, showing positions and confirmation, one for each month for the auditor. She was impressed! Thanks."

Forty-three (43) states and the District of Columbia have entered into data sharing agreements with JobCentral with others expected to follow soon.

First year performance of the Alliance has far exceeded our original goals and expectations. DEA's corporate membership, which provides funding for the project, continues to grow at a rate of ten (10) to fifteen (15) new members per month. Corporate membership has increased from 157 member companies to 375 member companies supporting the Alliance in the first year of operation.

Sustainability - Governance
The National Labor Exchange is jointly governed by DEA and NASWA as provided in the Alliance agreement and through the following standing committees:

Executive Committee - consisting of one (1) senior-level representative from NASWA, one (1) senior-level representative from DEA, one (1) state representative, and one (1) employer representative. The Executive Committee provides overall guidance for the project, resolves issues, and makes final determinations on whether to implement major systems changes or enhancements.

Operations Committee - consisting of six (6) employers, six (6) state representatives, one (1) representative from DEA, and one (1) representative from NASWA.

The Operations Committee provides guidance and input for all program and business issues, input on proposed new functionality and features, and guidance and input on technical issues such as data exchange, indexing (spidering), search technology, and similar issues. Sustainability - Funding
JobCentral National Labor Exchange, a DEA and NASWA alliance, is fully funded by leading U.S. corporations through DEA, a nonprofit employer consortium. There are no charges to states or job seekers for any services provided. To support the National Labor Exchange, employers pay an annual membership fee which is determined by the DEA Board of Directors and approved by the member companies. DEA pays an annual fee to NASWA to cover their administrative costs and related program expenses.

As previously stated, DEA's membership continues to grow and has increased from 157 member companies to 375 member companies in the first twelve months of the DEA/NASWA alliance agreement. This growth in DEA membership provides support for strong continued operations and funding for expanded employer, state, and job seeker services.

To continue funding the program, employers are motivated by: 1) the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) prediction of a potential labor shortage of more than 10 million skilled workers by 2010 and their resultant need to work with the states and other sources to reach groups such as minorities, the senior workforce, veterans, women, the physically-challenged, employment-eligible immigrants, and others; 2) their need to comply with State and Federal employment-related regulations such as Affirmative Action Program objectives, Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) issues, the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA), as amended by the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002 (JVA) and other employment issues related to minorities, veterans, the differently-abled, and; 3) the cost of commercial job boards which continues to skyrocket.

In its first twelve (12) months of operation, the National Labor Exchange has already being used by over 50,000 employers in all fifty (50) states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Forty-three (43) states and the District of Columbia have signed data-sharing agreements.

JobCentral National Labor Exchange has an expansive menu of services all of which are available to the states. The Alliance will continue to work closely with workforce agency representatives in each state to make sure they know what services are available to them. A key part of our ongoing strategy is to work closely with state employer and workforce representatives to share best practices and continuously improve system services and pe

This article the third segment the series.
JobCentral National Labor Exchange I
JobCentral National Labor Exchange II

Articles courtesy of Bill Warren

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DirectEmployers Association's purpose is to develop and manage the JobCentral National Labor Exchange.

It's related Internet systems and software helps employers increase labor market efficiency and drastically reduce recruiting costs.

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