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E-recruiting 2

(August 13, 2004) What are the consequences of implementing an e-recruiting strategy?

First of all, failure to begin the process of recruiting electronically is to cede any current advantage in the labor markets. Speed trumps brand. Relationship depth trumps compensation. Planning trumps everything else. The largest risk in considering the approach is the risk of not implementing an approach.

HR Functions rarely have meaningful Research and Development functions. They do not, as a rule, practice meaningful continuous improvement programs (on meaty subjects rather than admistrivia). Focused, as they are, on administrative detail, HR departments are in for a rough road once they begin down the path of transformation. It's ironic, really, since the HR team is usually at the heart of movements to transform the rest of the company.

Implementing an e-recruiting strategy forces a company to come to grips with the impact of its brand and reputation on potential employees. It clarifies, with increasing precision, where the problems in developing realistic workforce modeling lies. It puts a great deal of pressure on resource allocation processes that are more than necessarily political. It causes the basic employment contract to be rewritten.

Think of it. With 25 million resumes in the database, it is likely that Monster knows more about your employees than you do. As the consequences of this insight bleed into the CEO's office, a moment of sheer panic will consume the executive decision making process. Meanwhile, Monster's advantage in understanding your workforce, its strengths, its weaknesses and its vulnerabilities is snowballing. Person by person the external world's knowledge of your most critical asset is greater outside the enterprise.

The result will be a reorientation of internal systems designed to keep our knowledge of our employees ahead of the outside world. The relationships required to plumb these depths change the traditional relationship between employer and employee. Other categories of relationship (stockholder, manager, vendor, student in college, professional association) are subject to profound change as the enterprise begins to act on the fact that it is composed of relationships and not physical capital.

E-recruiting is simply the first step in an overhaul of all organizations in which people work.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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