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Hire Desk

(April 21, 2004) - Yesterday, we discussed the predictable move of the enterprise companies into the "mid market". When they get there, they are going to be surprised by the quality and focus of the competition. HireDesk is a standout, providing the full feature set of an enterprise operation, targeted and tailored (in terms of service and price) for the middle market.

Among the 80 or so companies that serve the "mid-market", only a minor few offer real depth in the core technologies that drive our industry. For the most part, search technology is left in the hands of other markets and we reap the benefits. (There is a long term dynamic that favors Yahoo's HotJobs to morph into a larger player just for this reason.)

The HireDesk story merits a deeper telling.

Many of the large scale players utilize extraction technology provided by HireDesk's sister company ResumeMirror, one of the few search technology operations with solid foundations in our industry. Utilizing this backbone and a unique set of organizational precepts, HireDesk delivers an authoritative product suite focused on the staffing sector and HR in medium sized companies. The real secret at HireDesk is its maniacal focus on subject matter expertise and collaborative development of the entire company as a sales team.

Proven industry experience is the essential personnel ingredient. In order to become a sales rep for HireDesk, you must have been a successful recruiter. Software developers must have experience in competing products. Marketers must be "from the industry". HireDesk's General Manager, George Larocque, has seen it all with stints at HireSystems, BrassRing, Deploy and others.

In our conversations with the team at HireDesk, we were surprised at how often the word "Integrity" came up. The company focuses on keeping its word, making only deliverable promises and ensuring that the product works as advertised. They actually have meetings on the subject of Integrity.

It's the standard set of Enterprise functionality:

  • Candidate and client generation
  • Response management
  • Screening and selection
  • Relationship management
  • Time management
  • Team collaboration
  • Business performance management

The difference between HireDesk and other mid-market players is a combination of four factors:

  • Core technology Strength (all .net development with a core search strength)
  • Change Drawer Style Innovation (focus on customer usage and the rapid integration of insight into product)
  • Team Integration (goal and sales integration making everyone a participant in success)
  • Commitment to stay within the mid market (price and focus)

The result is a fully featured system (from website management and candidate pool development to metrics and process control) shaped and priced for smaller firms. There's a surprise benefit for customers. Since the firm is highly committed to serving its customer base, it is unlikely that it will migrate upstream. The veterans within the company know, all too well, that enterprise sized deals come with lower margins and the sort of growth stall that has impacted the current players in the sector.

Our advice is to watch HireDesk closely.

John Sumser

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