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Human Capital Services Market

(April 06, 2004) - The planned Taleo IPO raises an interesting question. Just how big is the overall Human Capital Services Marketplace? What are the fundamental components?

For Starters, we could think about it this way:

    1. Sourcing
    1a. Executive Search (Very High End)
    1b. Other Fee Based Search
    1c. Temporary Services
    1c1. Temps (Low Level)
    1c2. Contract Labor (Technical)
    1d. Recruitment Advertising
    1d1. Print
    1d2. Television / Radio
    1d3. Online: Third Party Job Boards
    1d4: Online: Organization Employment Websites
    1d5: Online: Candidate Pool Development
    1d6: Agency Services: Media Placement, Creative
    1d7. Job Fairs
    1d8. Other Internet Sourcing Techniques

    2. Screening, Assessment and Qualification
    2a. Background Checking
    2b. Personality Testing
    2c. Technical Skills Testing
    2d. Job Description Preparation
    2e. Automated Qualification Processes
    2f. Drug and Other Health Testing

    3. Interview and Selection
    3a. Interview Training
    3b. Selection Process Design
    3c. Distance Interviewing Tools

    4. Tracking Systems
    4a. Liability Management Tools
    4b. Applicant Tracking Systems
    4c. Comprehensive Process Tools (Including Logistics)
    4e. Integration Consulting

    5. Workforce Planning
    5.1 Retention Programs
    5.2 Retention Consulting
    5.3 Workforce Design and Measurement
    5.4 Demand Forecasting
    5.6 Salary and Compensation Planning
    5.7 Performance Measurement

    6. Outsourcing
    6.1 Full HR Outsourcing
    6.2 Recruitment Outsourcing
    6.3 Workforce Management
    6.4 PEO

    7. Comprehensive Offerings
    7.1 Human Capital Consulting
    7.2 Performance Based Staffing Solutions

Please take a quick look at this framework and let us know what we've missed. We'll revise it and then start ticking through the elements as a way of delivering one attempt at sizing the market.

John Sumser

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