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    Job Search Skills Methods to Find New Employment

    (March 10, 2010) - Finding employment in today's competitive job market can be a challenge, A mix of different job search methods can provide potential leads.

    Beginning a job search can be a stressful and difficult step. There is a great deal of competition for a small number of jobs. This can be even worse for those working in volatile industries.

    Making a plan can help relieve those feelings of being overwhelmed. By using a variety of job search methods more employers can be covered, increasing the liklihood of landing an interview. Traditional methods of job search combined with networking and targeting companies will help cover all the bases.

    Traditional Job Search Methods
    Responding to ads, online posting, and job banks are traditional ways of conducting a job search. Most people will try these methods first when they are in need of employment. Be sure to have a polished resume and original cover letters.

    Although these methods can lead to landing a job the level of competition is very high. Using targeted job searches that utilize networking seem much more time consuming and difficult. Perhaps they are, but they also tend to have a higher rate of success.

    The Advantages of Networking
    With networking the applicant has the chance to make an impression before a position is posted. The managers that are responsible for hiring are already aware of what the candidate has to offer. Referrals are often given more attention and interest.

    Networking is one of the most successful methods of finding employment. Being able to connect with an individual in an organization versus being lost in a pile of resumes is a big advantage. For some the idea of networking sounds confusing. How does someone looking for a job get those influential connections? What is the best way to approach a potential employer?

    How to Use a Network List
    Make a list of all friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. This is a brainstorming activity, do not rule anyone out. Connections can be provided from unlikely sources. Talk to the people on the list. Find out where they work, what companies they think highly of. Do they know who is hiring, or what businesses are expanding? Is there someone of interest in their network? Keep written records of all the information. It may be needed down the road.

    Some people land jobs simply because someone in their network knew they were looking. Although this does happen don't depend on it. Look at the network as the means to connect with companies of interest. These are the people who supply names of people inside the organizations.

    Create a Target Company List
    Compile a list of companies to be targeted for the job search. This list comes from business articles, best company lists, trade journals, and networking. Do not limit the list to a couple of organizations, the more opportunities the more likely there will be success.

    Check the network information to see if there is someone who can provide a connection? This person does not have to be in upper management or HR to be helpful. All that is needed is someone to make a referral, and provide names of management that are open to outside contacts.

    Read more at Suite101: Job Search Skills: Methods to Find New Employment; Suzanne McIntyre.

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