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    Detroit, Providence and Las Vegas Are the Top Markets for Online Job Seekers

    (February 2, 2010)

    Employed Adults are Using Job Websites to Keep an Eye on the Market, as 74% of Online Job Seekers are Employed

    According to consumer and media research firm Scarborough Research, Detroit, MI; Providence, RI and Las Vegas, NV are the leading markets for Online Job Searchers*. Nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of Internet Users** in each of these markets conducted an online employment search in the past month. In contrast, Salt Lake City, UT, and Tulsa, OK are the markets least likely to have Online Job Searchers, as 12 percent of Internet Users in these cities searched online for a job.

    Nationally, almost one-fifth (19 percent) of Internet users conducted an online job search during the past 30 days. For the full market listing please visit

    Job websites have obvious appeal to anyone looking for employment. Scarborough Research finds that employed adults are utilizing online job search to keep their eye on the market. The majority (74 percent) of Online Job Searchers are, in fact, employed full-time or part-time.

    "Employers can reach both active and passive job seekers, nationally or in specific local markets, by using employment web sites," said Gary Meo, senior vice president, digital media services, Scarborough Research. "These types of sites are a powerful tool for marketers to connect with consumers on many geographic levels."

    In examining Online Job Searchers locally, Scarborough Research finds this group is distinctive based on location. At a state level, all of the top local markets Detroit, Providence, and Las Vegas are located in states that have higher than average unemployment rates as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In drilling down to the local market (DMA) level, more demographic differences are revealed. For example, Las Vegas Online Job Searchers are less likely than the national average to be employed.

    59 percent of Las Vegas Online Job Searchers are employed versus
    74 percent of all Online Job Searchers nationally. Online Job Searchers in Detroit & Providence, on the other hand, are more on par with the national average.
    71 percent of Detroit's Online Job Searchers are employed, and
    77 percent of Providence Online Job Searchers are employed.

    "While some generalizations can be made about the makeup of Online Job Searchers at the national level, our data shows that the demographic profile and internet usage patterns of Online Job Searchers are unique to the local market," said Mr. Meo. "It may seem obvious that Detroit, Las Vegas and Providence are high ranking given their rates of unemployment. But when we look more closely at Online Job Seekers in these cities, we find differences including age, ethnicity, income and white collar versus blue collar employed."

    Scarborough Research examined the demographic makeup of Online Job Searchers nationally, as they compare to other Internet users. Online Job Searchers are much younger than average Internet Users. They are 47 percent more likely than the average Internet User to be between the ages 18-29. The average age of Online Job Searchers is 37 compared to Internet Users average age of 43. They are 70 percent more likely to be African-American. While Online Job Searchers are embraced by adults from all income levels, those with lower incomes tend to be more likely to conduct an online job search. Further, more than half (54 percent) of Online Job Searchers have one or more children in the home.

    While 68 percent of employed Online Job Searchers are white collar workers,
    32 percent are blue collar workers. This is on par with employed Internet Users nationally as,
    70 percent of employed Internet Users are white collar workers and
    30 percent are blue collar workers.

    As further evidence of their focus on improving their employment opportunities, Online Job Searchers are more than twice as likely to plan to go back to school in the next year.

    * Online Job Searchers are defined as adults who accessed the Internet and conducted an employment search online during the past month
    ** Internet Users are defined as adults who access the Internet

    About Scarborough Research
    Scarborough Research (; measures the lifestyle and shopping patterns, media behaviors and demographics of American consumers, and is considered the authority on local market research. Scarborough's core syndicated consumer insight studies in 81 Top-Tier Markets, its Multi-Market Study and its national USA+ Study are Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited. Other products and services include Scarborough Mid-Tier Local Market Studies, Hispanic Studies and Custom Research Solutions. Scarborough measures 2,000 consumer categories and serves a broad client base that includes marketers, advertising agencies, print and electronic media (broadcast and cable television, radio stations), sports teams and leagues and out-of-home media companies. Surveying more than 220,000 adults annually, Scarborough is a joint venture between Arbitron Inc. ( and The Nielsen Company (

    Contact: Diana Illiano, Scarborough Research
    646-654-8841 / dilliano @

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