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The Bugler

(March 16,2009) Check out the other interbiznet newsletter, The Bugler.

In The News, a provider of applicant tracking and hiring management systems, announced increased functionality of its applicant tracking system (ATS) through a successful integration of eScreen's drug screen system.

Irvine-based HireRight, a provider of employment screening software and services, has merged its brands with US Investigations Services, LLC. HireRight, which was acquired by USIS in June of last year for around $195M, said that the two firms have united under the HireRight brand name.

A complimentary white paper, from, explains everything Human Resources professionals need to know about the effect of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) on COBRA, unemployment insurance, tax credits and relief, health information privacy, visas, executive compensation, and whistleblowers.

Alstin Communications, an employer marketing firm, announces the launch of 60secondseminars, featuring such topics as electronic employee referral programs, Web 2.0, and career site effectiveness.

Tenstreet has restructured its product offerings to include a new small business edition of its patented software for free. The new Basic Version, which is available free-of-charge, provides fleets with up to approximately 200 trucks with the basic functions needed to improve the recruiting of company drivers., online marketplace for freelance talent, has partnered with Payoneer to provide its freelancers with the option of receiving their payments on a reloadable Prepaid MasterCard® card.

In a survey, Taking the Pulse of Equity Compensation from Buck Consultants, finds that most companies will not be delivering the same equity values to their executives in 2009 - a consequence of decreasing stock prices resulting from the current economic downturn. The survey includes responses from 73 U.S. organizations, with 90 percent of the participants representing publicly traded companies.

Vorex announces the next version of their Human Resources application, HR Terra, a complete suite of fully integrated Human Resource Management (HRMS), Human Capital Management (HCM), Time Management (TMS), and Training Management systems. This will be delivered via an on-demand model as well as a standard license model.

Crain's Chicago reports that CareerBuilder LLC sued Bank of America Corp. in an attempt to recover millions of dollars the company says it lost because of misleading investment advice. The Chicago-based job search firm put $32.5 million in auction rate securities based on Bank of America's assurance that they were "safe, liquid, short-term investments," according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court.

The 2009 Economic Impact Survey from Experience, Inc. finds that 50% of college students and recent grads feel the job outlook is still positive, 24% believe the job market is stronger than depicted by national media. 75% of Gen Y says the value of their education will increase or remain the same in this market. The survey also found that 30% are prepared to take on more projects or help colleagues with their work, so they can keep the positions they have, 33% say they are willing to work more hours to improve job security, and 44% rank job security as more important than personal job satisfaction.


Colleen Gildea

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