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Quote of The Day
"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years." Warren Buffett

Woman In The Workforce II

(March 18,2009) If you missed yesterday's article you will want to give it a quick review. We presented interpretation of the latest unemployment numbers. The idea is that women are fairing better in this crazed economy and will benefit in the long run. The premise is that companies are keeping them because they get paid less than their male counterparts. We also presented a few charts showing the unemployment rates for men and women in the Labor Force. The review of those rates from 1973 to 2009 shows that the shift happened in 1982 when the unemployment rate for women fell below men and stayed equal to or below for the majority of the last 27 years. 1985 - 1987 shows women taking a slight jump above men in the chart.

Historical Review of Unemployment Rates by Sex /

We got the opinion of several readers to get addition input on the subject. These replies were in response to the Press Release.
    "I am amazed at the lack of information this opinion represents. No company under any circumstance would retain talent that did not have a direct and positive affect on the bottom line. To suggest women are retained because their salaries are lower than that of men is just silly. First, the salary disparately is not great enough to have much of an affect and second, companies husband their resources in a downturn; keeping only those employees who are most valuable. To do other wise is counter productive and almost insures eventual failure. The author would be better served interviewing those companies who retain women to discover their metric for deciding who stays, who leaves."

    Rita Ashley

    "I think he is making the assumption that layoffs are based on pay and yet they should be based on performance. So in light of this does it mean women outperform men and are also underpaid?"

    Deb McGrath

    "I'd love to see the data pull behind this press release. It stands to reason that more men are losing Wall St. jobs, as more men were employed by the financial services sector. Ride the commuter trains or take a ferry into New York City any morning of the week to observe the ratio of men to women en route to the financial district. That said, without credible data, this news release lacks legitimacy and taints the use of the medium to communicate valid news."

    Jeanne Achille
    the DEVON group

    "The implication of this press release is that unequal compensation is not only okay, it's a hidden surprise and stepping stone and every female, who has been on the receiving end should be grateful. So ... an underpaid female is kept at a job, which is losing its male counterparts... so, what...she now gets to work three times as much, while still earning less and possibly losing 401K or health benefits or being sole family income? AND be happy! I assume that the individual, who wrote this was only trying to keep the company name 'out & about'...however, "previous slights in compensation and power" ... to call unequal hierarchy a "slight" not only minimizes the impact of this institutionalized inequality but validates it and reveals a very narrow understanding of this workplace challenge, if an understanding at all."

    Donna Troisi
    Recruiting News Reporter
More input tomorrow.

One More Thing:
Read the InDepth Section of today's Bugler. There is a report on a company, Cataphora, that is working on new ways to determine the value of each employee.

Colleen Gildea

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