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Weddle II

(January 25, 2007)
 We spent yesterday singing the praises of the good Mr. Weddle. Accomplished, smooth and sophisticated, he sets a high bar for the rest of us to consider. For years, he has faced the job hunting public and tirelessly educated about online job hunting.

That's changing.

Weddle's current major initiative is the development of the International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS). With nearly 600 job boards on the membership roster, IAEWS has significant momentum during its first year.  Consider their mission:

Through its Members, the International Association of Employment Web Sites acts as a reliable source of timely and accurate information about the services, practices, and status of the global online employment services industry. The Association also supports a range of initiatives to bring the contributions of its Members to the attention of the public at large as well as members of the media and government. Finally, the Association provides a forum for its Members to discuss, ratify and promulgate standards of operation that will best serve the job seekers, employers and recruiters who use their sites. These roles reinforce a single vision that recognizes employment Websites for what they are: the Sources of SuccessTM.

Peter appears to be changing his focus from direct interaction with job hunters to work within the industry that serves them. That's good for job hunters and good for the industry.

As any recruiter knows, membership in a professional association is all about networking and value. The association continues as long as it provides benefits to members. The members balance those benefits against the career and business development opportunities afforded by the Association.

Job Board operators (with the exception of the classified advertising sections) are rugged idealists. They have, almost uniformly, built businesses from scratch, in spite of the odds. They are singularly certain about their abilities to run their businesses. It's an interesting challenge to try to organize them.

That's where Weddle is strongest. A seasoned military leader with entrepreneurial success under his belt, Peter knows how to herd cats. He knows how to create a center amidst the chaos and build from there.

The industry really needs institutionalized attention to the generic issues of job hunter, job boards, recruiters and the vendors and agencies that make them tick.

The IAEWS is a really good start in that direction.

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