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Site Design
(October 20, 2004) In designing a career site, it's important to remember that your visitors are not all going to be earnest candidates. A fair amount of the traffic your site sees will come from your competitors. Through adequate planning, you can use this to your best advantage.

Competing businesses and rival companies are always checking out the competition - it's sound business sense to be aware of what the competition's up to. The odds are pretty good, therefore, that your competition's employees will be spending some time on your site looking for market research and gathering competitive intelligence.

The odds are also pretty good that the competition's employees are exactly the type you'd be interested in hiring. After all, they have experience in your industry, are familiar with your company's products and services, and know a great deal about your competition. The learning curve and required training for these candidates is negligible.

A well-designed career site can be the incentive to lure these employees away from a competitor. Never underestimate the fact that many candidates find jobs while on "company time." Making a link to your site's career section obvious from the home page on is an effective way of drawing a visitor into a quick detour; having an appealing careers section can help turn them from visitor to employee.

Making the application process easy is one of the most important keys to getting these unwitting candidates to apply. Since they probably won't have a resume handy, providing them with a resume builder or using a profiling system is a good idea. "headless" resumes are also safer, allowing the candidate the option to apply anonymously in order to protect their privacy.

Remember, your competition is doing this, too.

 -John Sumser

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