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Recruiting Is Advertising II

(October 06, 2004) Today we continue with the theme: Recruiting Is Advertising.

Along with Recruiting, Advertising is also undergoing a radical change. In an earlier time, it was funny to quote Ogilvy, who said "I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don't know which half." In today's universe, advertising can be quantified. Major, non-recruiting advertisers are shifting to a skin-in-the-game, pay for performance model. Web advertising requires authentic one to one communications (and therefore more people on the response end).

So, when we say Recruiting Is Advertising, we mean the new Recruiting is the same as the new Advertising. It's more expensive, more direct, more prone to failure and more proactive on the Recruiter's end. The burden of adding value to the Recruiting relationship has shifted from the Candidate to the Recruiter.

We're amazed at the resilience of old outmoded ideas. The labor shortage is permanent and can only be solved with radical improvements in productivity accompanied by a massive wave of immigration. Candidates are not going to flock to use new screening tools. When we say the Resume is dead, we mean that the idea that a candidate has to market him or herself to get a job is dead. Good 21st Century advertising is proactive and identifies targets rather than depending on them to identify themselves.

Recruiting is advertising if you understand that today's advertiser is 100% accountable for results.

- John Sumser

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