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Recruiting Is Advertising VI

(October 13, 2004) More on the SBB Player.

"The Middle is The Middle and our job is to help customers get maximum bang for their buck" should be the motto of any SBB player. It will require expertise in applicant tracking systems, candidate sources and enterprise integration. While the SBB could run the back office of job boards, it would, by design, have to be uninvolved in their marketing or profitability.

Two additional pieces are essential components of an SBB play:
          -  The ability to measure performance dynamically, and
          -  A coherent design that limits choice to relevant issues.

On the surface, both appear to be insurmountable technical issues. With 30,000 actively competing candidate sources, a simple map of the terrain is very difficult to imagine, let alone execute. The SBB would have to demonstrate a very consistent pattern of movement towards this information engineering objective. Measuring performance, while bandwidth intensive, is a simple exercise (if patentable). The trick in this regard is to have enough control of the center to force the various outlets into routine measurement. (There's a lot of money being made by not allowing this to happen currently).

While we can imagine an SBB that hosts job boards, we have a harder time imaging one that demands the use of a specific workflow or applicant tracking process. Again, too much specificity robs the SBB of its most important attribute: objectivity used to further the ambitions of its customers.

We're starting to have an interesting package of the characteristics of an SBB (single belly button) vendor in the E-Recruiting space:

  • Objectivity
  • Ability to Measure Job Board Performance
  • Simple Decision Making Design
  • Ability to Help Customers Spend Effectively
  • Measurement of Job Board Performance
  • Interface - Major Applicant Tracking Systems
  • One Step Posting To Major Outlets
Data Consolidation (resume standardization)
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Traffic Development
This is enough to justify thinking of a player as a potential SBB. It isn't, however, enough to provide single point accountability in the relationship. - John Sumser

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