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(March 26, 2004) - We've written about blogs and the underlying technology for a couple of years now. The Microsoft blog experiment we pointed out yesterday is a grand example of the way that recruiting databases can become "containers" for relationships (and not just high-end spam). A huge percentage of online users actively involve themselves in communities and other forms of content creation. Microsoft is simply showing the path.

The recent PEW Report on Digital Publishing suggests that over 40% of Internet users have participated in online content creation of some kind.

Who creates content? Content creators as a group are younger than the average American. However, in the Internet population, all age cohorts are equally as likely to create content. Content creators are more likely to be urban and suburban than rural, perhaps explained by the greater levels of broadband connectivity in urban centers than in rural areas. Content creators as a group are evenly divide between men and women and show similar racial and ethnic breakdowns as Internet users as whole.

Content creators are likely to have higher levels of education – 46% have a college degree or more compared to 26% of all Americans. Income levels are also generally higher among content creators, with 31% living in households earning more that $75,000 annually, compared to 18% of all Americans who live in such households.

Content creators are also disproportionately likely to be students—20% of all content creators are full-time or part-time students (about evenly split between the two groups), while only 14% of Americans identify themselves as students. However, given that many universities offer extremely high bandwidth facilities to their students and may make creating online content a part of the required coursework for a student, its not surprising that students are so well represented among content creators.

Broadband connectivity is somewhat more prevalent in the homes of content creators than other Internet users—37% have high-speed connections of some kind, compared to 29% of all Internet users.

It's a powerful group and a sweet spot target for savvy electronic Recruiters.

John Sumser

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