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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler

interbiznet presents The Bugler

October 31, 2006
Simply RetirementJobs
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Reveille and Hyperbole:
Acxiom® Corporation (ACXM) today introduced Acxiom InsightHire, a complete job applicant tracking system that allows employers to verify identities, submit background screening requests, retrieve results and manage and track applicant data. InsightHire provides a streamlined approach at the very start of the application process, providing a comprehensive package to ensure that hiring efforts lead to improved efficiency and productivity. The single, one-source application provides such services as criminal record checks, identity verification, driving records, adverse action fulfillment, drug testing and applicant tracking.

Employers seeking the best and the brightest talent had an opportunity to get the inside track on a more effective way to recruit hourly employees when JobApp unveiled its new automated recruiting and electronic job application October 4th and 5th in booth "A" at the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo at Chicago's Navy Pier.

Workstream Inc. (WSTM), a provider of On-Demand Enterprise Workforce Management software, and Ventana Research today announced a joint webcast entitled Compensation and Spreadsheets: Understand Your Vulnerability and Risk.' The presentation, moderated by Business Finance Magazine on Tuesday, October 31 at 1:00 PM (EST), will discuss how new regulatory laws are changing the way compensation is managed, why using spreadsheets can be dangerous, and how new solutions can help you gain control, visibility and accountability for your organization's single largest expense compensation.

You Should Know:
Youthful faux pas to avoid in the workplace
Mary Ellen Slayte writes a column for professionals in the beginning phases of their careers. She says that the biggest complaints she hears about people starting out in the business world are: (MySuccess)

US faces bigger skills gap than India - Azim Premji
Azim Premji, chairman of India's IT major Wipro has warned that the US faces a more acute skills shortage in information technology than India and blamed failings in America's education system and restrictive immigration policies. "There is a scarcity of IT professionals in the US," Premji said, adding "engineering is not a growing talent, and that is a cause of concern." He said Indian groups would confound expectations of a looming skills shortage in the country and continue to draw on lower-cost, highly trained graduates to retain their technological edge. (New Kerala)

Skills shortage may impede APAC's economic development
IDC study shows deficits in IT competency across region for advanced skills By 2009, the Asia Pacific region, excluding Japan, will have 221,000 fewer people than it needs with advanced network skills in wireless technologies, security and IP telephony, up from 113,000 in 2006. This represents 80 per cent of the total network professional shortfall, which IDC forecasts will be 396,000 in 2009, up from 210,000 in 2006. As the network becomes more important to individuals and organisations, this skills shortage may eventually impede the region's economic development. Commissioned by Cisco, the IDC survey involved more than 1,000 middle to senior management respondents from 12 countries in Asia Pacific. A key objective of the study was to measure the gap between demand and supply for network technology competency. (CIOL)

Firefox 2.0: The Honda Civic of Web Browsers
Updated and improved, Firefox remains excellent but breaks little new ground.
Tapping once again into the collective talents of the open-source community, the new Firefox 2.0 Web browser is unambiguously a success. Released late Tuesday, the Mozilla Foundation's latest Net-surfing tool is almost everything Web denizens have come to expect from the popular Internet Explorer alternative. Firefox 2.0 offers a handful of obvious improvements in searching and security and a couple of new features, and it largely keeps doing well what it has done well before. This said, it breaks little genuinely new ground. (Technology Review)

The Double Meaning of Web 2.0 Names
A side note to today's story about "plinking", meaning product linking within user-generated videos. During the panel yesterday that discussed plinking and other opportunities, the speaker asked if anyone had heard the term and said it was just coined in the last week or so, nobody raised their hand. After the panel a woman went up to the speaker to explain that plinking was what a group of (often drunk) hunters do on the way home, they use road signs as target practice. It's defined in Wikipedia more generally (link) as any type of target practice using non-traditional targets like bottles, cans, or last night on "Jericho" where CDs were used. (ClickZ)

The Difficulties of Web 2.0 Measurement
Ann Light reports in Usability News about an interview with Eric T. Peterson on the difficulties of Web 2.0 measurement that appeared on the eConsultancy site. "Peterson is a veteran of web analytics and tackles Web 2.0 features and concepts with the eye of someone who has grown used to a rich stream of information from page hits.""As he puts it, with Web 2.0: ‘A lot of what is really important is happening either a) off the website proper, such as RSS or b) below the level of the page view'." (

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Orange reports on the workplace of 2016

It might be quite grim, apparently
Future Enterprise Coalition has released a report discussing at the place and manner of work in 2016. "The Way to Work" is the second report published by the coalition. The first, "Organisational Lives", looked at how individuals might be using mobile technologies in the future. (Register)

Rewarding time for recruitment organisations
Leading lights in Yorkshire's recruitment industry celebrated the best in innovation and excellence at a glittering awards night at the Hilton Hotel in Leeds.
The first ever Yorkshire Post Newspapers Yorkshire Region Recruitment Awards, in association with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), was organised by the Yorkshire Post's Hannah Richards and Lindsey Jackson, and was attended by the cream of the region's recruitment organisations. Hosting the event, Dawn Sweeney, Advertisement Director of Yorkshire Post Newspapers, said: "As the publisher of the region's premier recruitment media brands in the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post and Jobs, we are proud of our heritage within the marketplace. "From our own relationships with the recruitment industry, it is clear that our thriving region is a hotspot of innovation and excellence, and we believe that your talent and commitment deserves recognition." Guests were welcomed by a champagne reception, sponsored by the Private Health Partnership, one of the UK's leading private healthcare and employee benefits companies. PHP manage the REC medical insurance scheme for recruiters and the recruitment industry, which forms part of the REC membership benefits package. They have been associated with REC for more than eight years and were a founder member of Recruitment Industry Partnership initiative. (YorkshirePost)

Digg This: Talking to Gen Y CEO Jay Adelson's tips for communicating with the younger generation in your workplace
Millions of people a month submit, share, or read news articles "dug up" and posted by members of the Web community The hugely popular site was started by Kevin Rose, a former TechTV host, and Jay Adelson, a former chief technology officer for data center company Equinix who appeared on Kevin's show as a guest. I have a special fondness for people connected to TechTV because I spent three years as a host on the network until the dot-com bust led to a sharp decline in its advertising. Its hosts were innovative and creative, moving on to build companies like Digg, a site where registered users submit and vote on stories (see, 8/14/06, "Valley Boys"). Digg employees represent a wide range of ages, from 27 to 50. So when I decided to write a column on how to communicate with the younger generation, I asked Digg's 36-year-old CEO, Jay Adelson, for his insight. (BusinessWeek)

The first batch of qualified chefs has been served up through a new Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire training programme designed to tackle skills shortages in the local catering industry.
Seven chefs have now completed their two year Enhanced Chef Modern Apprenticeship and are now working in local hotels and restaurants. The Enhanced Chef programme was set up specifically in response to industry demand and was designed to get unemployed people off benefits and into the industry. (Scottish Enterprise)

September a Record Month for Newspaper Web Traffic

Newspaper Web site traffic hit a record in September with more than 58 million people visiting a newspaper site, according to data from Nielsen//NetRatings on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America. During 3Q roughly 57 million people or more than one-third of all active Internet users visited newspaper Web sites each month, a 23.9% increase from the same period a year ago. (Editor and Publisher)

Raytheon lauded for disabled worker inclusion efforts
Raytheon Company is one of only four companies recognized as a recipient of the 2006 Secretary of Labor's New Freedom Initiative (NFI) Award for its commitment to recruit, train, hire and promote individuals with disabilities. Introduced in 2001, the NFI Award honors exemplary and innovative efforts to ensure that people with disabilities have the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of community life, including employment. As an award recipient, Raytheon demonstrated how it developed and implemented a multi-faceted program directed toward increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities through increased access to assistive technologies and the use of innovative training, hiring, and retention techniques. (ReliablePlant)

Online Newspaper Ads Spiked in Q1
Online newspaper ad spending rocketed up nearly 35 percent to more than $613 million in Q1 2006 compared to Q1 of last year, according to a new Newspaper Association of America (NAA) report. Though other print ad categories dropped, print classified advertising rose 4.7 percent, led by a big boost in real estate classified spending. In all, print paper ads were up 0.3 percent to $10.5 billion."Newspapers are beginning to establish separate value for their online ads," commented Peter Krasilovsky, principal of local media consulting firm Krasilovsky Consulting. "That accounts for some new dollars coming into the stream." Until recently, many newspaper publishers provided Web advertising as value-adds, meaning they were given as a free bonus along with purchase of print ads. (Emarketing)

Are You Ready for This Recruitment Ad?
Filed under: What the Hell?
The CIA's new recruitment commercial is funny… for how lame it is. (Conjecturer)
Deep Release:
New SA job site uses Web 2.0 to change the recruitment model
Web 2.0, is it the future of the internet or simply another buzzword? Chris Rowe, founder of innovative recruitment site, Employmint, is using the Web 2.0 model to turn the recruitment business on its head.
Think Google. When the company started, they created a super quick way to sort through the billions of web pages on the internet. "The global acceptance of Google grew to the point that people don't search any more, they Google." explains Chris. Google leveraged the search engine's popularity by creating additional services such as gmail, adwords and adsense. "Now anyone can serve Google ads on their web sites and make money." says Chris, "In addition, anyone can purchase Google adwords to promote their business - the business owner determines how much they are willing to pay."

The site works in the same way. Unlike other sites where fees are charged per job posted, companies can upload jobs for free and decide for themselves how much they are willing to pay for a successful placement. Job seekers list for free and can either apply directly or refer candidates. It is the referrer who is paid the 'reward' for a successful placement. "It's about creating a community of employers and job seekers which makes it worthwhile to check regularly. If I check and see a job that's perfect for a friend of mine, I can not only help them find a job but be paid into the bargain." comments Rowe. "The site essentially incentivises job seekers to become dedicated head hunters."

The site is a Web 2.0 showcase, with many of the features commonly associated with the shift in technology. The site is built using Atlas, the Microsoft framework for Ajax (asynchronous java script and XML) which means that the site provides a faster and more intuitive user experience. "In the past, web applications would post data back to the server and there would be a delay while the results page loaded." says Chris. "With Ajax, there is little or no delay as only the query results are returned - not the whole page." Tagging is another nifty feature of the site, with users able to tag the content in their own way and create personal tag clouds. "Let's say I'm a job seeker checking the site, I can tag jobs in any way I like, I may decide to tag them according to people I have referred, by salary or geographic location." explains Rowe. In other words, the user can create their own personal index. Like Google Suggest, the site assists searching by making suggestions eg. if you type "pro" it may suggest 'programmer', 'project manager' or 'promotions assistant' based on common searches performed by other users.

Personal blogs and communities is another Web 2.0 feature used by Employmint. Each job seeker gets their own blog when they register which they can use to promote themselves to prospective employers or share experiences with other job seekers. Companies can create an external talent network which includes their own staff and contractors or invited job seeker members. "Having a network like this is an extremely valuable resource." Says Chris, " If I need a C# developer for a short term contract, I can check my own talent network for people I have tagged as good C# developers, check their blogs to see if they are available and contact them directly." says Chris.

The site is built on a service oriented architecture (SOA) which provides the ability to easily plug into third party applications. It also means that other services can easily be added to the Employmint site. The site features 'mash ups', or integrated components from other Web 2.0 sites including the photo sharing technology of Flickr and social networking components of "We are always open to improvements and suggestions from the user community." comments Chris. "The site is built in such as way that additional features can be easily integrated." It is this constant evolution in response to the users own requests that has coined the term 'perpetual beta'.

As with all Web 2.0 sites, the users themselves determine its success, Someone with a lot of young professional friends who checks the site regularly can develop a small business out of this system. Depending on the type of job and the size of the rewards offered, they can potentially earn an additional R5 - 10,000 per month.

Contact Details:
info @
Managing Director: Chris Rowe
Postal Address:
PO Box 1158
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