Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting


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An Introduction To Electronic Recruiting

Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting


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Toolkit Addition

ToolKit: Advertising Tutorial 1

As the labor market tightens, simply searching isn't going to be enough. The tighter the market gets, the more likely it is that you will turn to advertising. Although it isn't yet living up to its potential, the long term strength of the web will be its ability to help you reach out to very targeted audiences.

For the next several weeks, we will be using the "Toolkit Addition" portion of the ERNews to deliver a basic advertising tutorial in bite sized nuggets. The first topic is the difference between hits and visitors.

First of all, no matter what anyone tells you, it is extremely difficult to actually measure the number of visitors to a website. To speed transactions on the web, a technique called "cache-ing" is used in many places around the web. A "cache" is a collection of web pages and files stored somewhere other than the original website. The simplest form of cache is right on your hard drive. This very page is stored on your local machine.

"Cache-ing" speeds overall web performance by making sure that frequently used files are kept close at hand. While great for web speed, it wreaks havoc with attempts to "count" the numbers of files that are shipped by an individual website.

Many times, web usage statistics are reported as "hits". A hit is one file transmitted from a web server to a user's machine. Whether the file is a graphic or a web page, it is counted as a hit. You can see right away that counting hits is nearly impossible (because of the cache problem). You can also see that a perfect count of the number of hits is a useless piece of information.

If a web page contains 10 graphics and one text file, it will register 11 hits every time it is viewed (unless some of those files are cached on the various machines around the web). You simply can't tell anything about a site from the number of hits.

A more useful (and even harder to get right) statistic is the number of visitors. Again, cache-ing complicates the process of keeping tabs on the number of visitors. When you purchase advertising, what you care most about is the number of people who see an ad. The number (and kinds) of visitors seen by a website will determine the value of that site to you as a place to purchase ads.

Since the tracking of visitors is imprecise, it's best (at this point in the web's development) to talk carefully with the advertising sales manager of the site on which you want to place an ad. Listen carefully. If they pretend to have perfect answers, steer clear of them.

Search Tips

Search Tip: SIC Search

Anyone who has ever tried to find business information using Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Codes will have horror stories to share with you. Every industry has its special nuances. Things aren't necessarily where you'd expect them to be.

That's life. The web has a lot of potential, but it rarely changes longstanding institutions like SIC Codes.

That said, hard prospecting often has lots of room for searches that look across an industry. The best place to start? A site organized by SIC Code.

Worldpages is the "latest and greatest" online phone directory. Find businesses in your target industry using their Listing of SICs If you don't have it handy, the top level divisions of the SIC Codes are:

SIC Major Industry Group

01-14 Agriculture, Forestry & Mining
15-17 Contractors & Construction
20-39 Manufacturing
40-49 Transportation, Communication & Utilities
50-51 Wholesale Trade
52-59 Retail Trade
60-67 Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
70-79 Business Services
80 Health Services
81 Legal Services
82-83 Education & Social Services
84,86 Art & Membership Organizations
87 Engineering, Architecture & Accounting
89 Household & Miscellaneous Services
91,95 Government & Public Administration
99 Non-Classifiable Establishments

Table Of Contents SEARCH TOOLS
  1. Search Basics
  2. Search Strategy
  3. Company Info
  4. Finding People
  5. Resumes
  6. Web Pages
  7. Usenet
  8. Mailing Lists
  9. Competitors
10. Discussion Areas
11. Cheat Sheet
  1. Master Sites
  2. Free Sites
  3. Usenet
  4. Niches
  5. Writing Postings
  1. Newbot
  2. Informant
  3. URL Minder
  4. Other Robots
  1. Starter Tools
  2. Browser Tips
  1. Salary Surveys


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