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Although posting jobs on a targeted-audience website is often more effective, it does tend to be a bit costly. When you need to watch your budget, or if your job opening might not require advanced skills, consider the free posting sites. There are several sites on the Web where you can post job openings for free. Some of them are noted below. We have not included regional sites, although some do exist. A simple search will find them for you if you're interested.

  • America's Job Bank (AJB) has been accessed more than 1.5 million times over the past 6 months. It links 1,800 state Employment Service offices and provides job seekers with more than 100,000 active job opportunities. Registration is required and takes about 3 days for AJB to process. But, then you may post jobs free of charge. Registration is limited to U.S. employers, employment agencies, or other organizations that offer jobs and do not charge job seekers. Each job order you have needs to be posted separately. If you also want your company's name to be listed as one who has jobs to offer, there's a separate form to be filled out.
  • Boldface Jobs lets recruiters, agencies, and companies post up to 10 jobs at no charge for 30 days. Postings are immediately added to the database. There are more than 3000 jobs listed in a variety of industries, but none of the postings are dated.
  • Career Shop has loads of annoying frames, requires you to complete a detailed login screen, but has several hundred openings and close to a thousand resumes. For a fee you may join and receive additional services.
  • Direct Marketing is a small site specializing job offerings for and resumes of direct marketing professionals.
  • Head Hunter posts hundreds of new jobs on a daily basis. Jobs are never more than 45 days old and resumes are never more than 90 days old. You need to complete a brief registration form before posting a job. Headhunter asks that the jobs you post be real jobs.
  • Find hundreds of printable job and online employment forms.
  • Job Center at Stanford University is a clean, easy-to-navigate site administered by students. There are 433 companies who have posted job openings.
  • MBA Resource is a place to start if you have a job for a business school grad.
  • Medzilla is an extremely small site that specializes in jobs for well-educated biotech personnel.
  • Resunet, with ties to Resume World and Career World, is a site difficult to browse, but one that claims great exposure.

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