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Salary Surveys

This section provides you with a comprehensive set of links to salary surveys around the web. The companies responsible for publishing the material often change their websites and delete the surveys. The list was accurate as of Sept 1, 1999. We will update it on a six month cycle.

The first section is a series of links that will take you to the specific information on the rest of this page.


ESPAN Salary Guides 1995 Source Finance - Accounting & Finance Salary Survey from EDP. Covers Public Accounting, Private Accounting and Finance positions.

Salary Survey - Credit Analyst
Entry, staff, senior and manager salary levels regionally from ESPAN.

1999 Accountant's Salary Guide
From Creative Financial Staffing, a placement firm for CPAs: national averages by position title and years of experience.

Salary Guide
Salaries by education, experience, company type and size based on 1995 placements by Management Solutions, a Bay Area placement firm for full, part time and interim accounting & financial staff.

Accountants Overload Annual Salary Index
Report of a 1999 survey of Southern California accounting firms.

1999 Accounting Pay
IOMA's summary of Source Finance's 1999 accounting salary survey.

Accounting/Financial Salaries
Summary of a report by Abbott, Langer & Associates.


Thomas Staffing - 12th Annual Employment Survey
Salary levels of office workers in Southern California from Thomas Staffing, Feb. 1999.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Administrative Service Managers
See the "Earnings" section.

What the Rest of Us Make
Average salaries for positions at Silicon Valley electronic companies from the San Jose Mercury News.


Advertising Age / Monster Board Salary Survey 1996
WOW! Advertising Age's salary survey for advertising agencies, media & marketing departments is on the Web in all its glory. Regional data, base salary, salary growth are covered in more than 20 charts.


California Growers Paying More by the Hour
Summary of a 1995 survey by California Association of Winegrape Growers.

Top Execs Gain the Most Pay, Raises
Wine Business Monthly survey (2/97) of salaries at 300 wineries; covers 16 job titles.


Careers in Aviation A.E.A.C.
From Airline Employment Assistance Corps: broad salary ranges for a variety of positions in aircraft, airlines, airports, flight attendants, food preparation, office, pilots.

IAM Facts & Figures
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers: Earnings & Hours, Cost of Living, Employment data.


See also Trades.

Pro Builder's Exclusive Compensation Survey
Salaries for owners and presidents of small building companies from Pro Builder, Aug. 1999.

Pay Scales in Home Building
From Builder magazine (11/95): issues in compensation for home builders; salary ranges for CEOs, Sales & Marketing, Construction Superintendent.

Project Manager Salaries Rise
From Interiors & Sources: Oct., 1995, summary of a survey from the Association of Project Managers.

BOMI Institute/ Maintenance Solutions Annual Salary Survey
Maintenance Solutions annual feature (Nov., 1996) reports compensation trends for maintenance management professionals in commercial and institutional facilities.

1999 Survey for California Architectural Firms
Preliminary results from Management Design's 1999 survey includes salary data for California, LA, Orange County, San Diego County, Sacramento Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. The survey is endorsed by the American Institute of Architects, California Chapter.

Architect Salary Gains Rebound
Highlights of "Compensation at U.S. Architecture Firms: The 1999 AIA Survey Report" from ISDesignNet.



Consulting Firms Compensation
Summary of a report by Abbott, Langer & Associates on compensation and benefits in consulting firms.

Compensation Patterns in the Consulting Industry
Starting salaries, typical pay, top pay rates as well as compensation factors from Ohio State University.

1999 Real Consulting Rates
Supplement to Janet Ruhl's The Computer Consultant's Workbook collects consulting rate information from practicing consultant/ programmers--quite a useful glimpse into the mysterious world of consulting.


NABE 1996 Salary Survey
National Association of Business Economists salary data.



University of California Academic Salary Scales
Salary tables and other data for academic positions at the U.C. system, effective Oct. 1, 1995.

California State University Salary Structure
Salaries for faculty positions, effective April, 1994.

Selected CSU Staff Classifications and Salaries
Salary levels for California State University staff classifications commonly used in grants & contracts, July 1996.

Title & Pay Plans
For academic and staff positions at each of the UC campuses.

Salary Study for Administrators
Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) report on its annual Benchmark Compensation Survey for 1995-96.

Other Surveys

AFT Local Union Teacher Salary Survey 1996
American Federation of Teachers salary data for schools in the U.S.'s 100 largest cities.

Average Public Education Teacher Salary
Average salaries in 1994 for the 15 most populous states--based on National Education Association's 1994 Rankings of States.


Faculty Salary Search Tool

College & University Faculty Salary Database
From National Teaching and Learning Forum : Search the 1994-1995 interactive faculty salary database. Enter school names and compare rates, compare salaries at institutions by state or search for school by name.

Two Separate Surveys Find Salaries For Faculty Increasing At All Levels
June, 1995, article in The Scientist reports two separate surveys recently released by the Washington, D.C.-based American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC).

Faculty Salaries of Public Institutions in the AAU
Average Faculty Salaries in Association of American Universities, 1995-96. (UC Berkeley is ranked #1 in California.)

Average pay of full-time professors
From Chronicle of Higher Education and Academe This Week. Based on 1994-95 U.S. Dept. of Education survey.

Computer Science Faculty Salaries in Fiscal 1996-97
Salaries reported by ranking of Computer Science Departments.

Business School 1995-1996 Salary Survey Results
American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business reports a study of salaries for faculty and business school administrators.



What the Boss Makes
San Jose Mercury News feature article (6/16/97) covers top earners at Silicon Valley's 150 largest companies.

CRN Salary Survey
Extensive survey of high tech executive salaries from Computer Reseller News, May 1999.

New age of pay topples old ideas, rewards performance
San Francisco Examiner article (Aug. 27, 1995) on executive compensation trends in the Bay Area.

Inc. Magazine-CEO Compensation
Inc. article, Sept. 1995, reports survey of CEO's at Inc. 500 companies regarding the factors used to set CEO pay & perks.

Executive Pay Scoreboard
Business Week's annual feature (4/21/97) on executive compensation at the 365 largest U.S. companies.

Executive Compensation: Ranking the top 800 executives
Annual feature from Forbes.


1999 Salary Survey Financial Services
From ACSYS (an East Coast recruiter): covers banking, trust, operations, leasing, mutual funds & more.


Federal Civil Service Pay
From NASA Ames Research Center--1999 & 1996 salary information: Federal Pay Chart Schedule; General Schedule for San Francisco Area; Senior Executive Pay, Engineer Pay Schedule (2); Local Area Clerical Special Pay Chart; Federal Wage System Pay Chart.

1999 General Schedule Pay Tables by Locality
From Federal Times: enter GS level and region for a full range of pay scales.

Military Pay Chart for 1999
Monthly pay rates by grade & time-served. Includes quarters allowance.

Reserve Drill Pay Chart - 1996
Per day drill pay by rank and years of service.

State of California Employees--Pay Scales
Sampling of 1994 pay scales for California state positions as well as benefits, retirement and health plan information.

California State Personnel Board
"Current State Exams Open to the Public" gives salary ranges and job descriptions for currently open positions.

Permanent Employment Opportunities with City & County of San Francisco
Gives Step 1 of Annual Salaries for open positions.

Los Angeles County Current Job Listings
Open jobs are described with salary ranges for county positions.

19th Annual Public Employee Salary Survey
From the online edition of The Reporter (Vacaville, CA): 19th Annual Public Employee Salary Survey, reporting on Solano County.


Earnings and Related Nursing Occupations
Summary of salary data from a variety of government and private sources.

Physician Salary Surveys
Average salaries by specialty from a variety of surveys from Modern Healthcare Magazine, July 15, 1996.

Ernst & Young/CHIPS Health Care Survey
Summary of 1995 survey of CEO compensation in hospitals.

Managed Care Administrator Salaries
Summary of Management Compensation Survey: 1996 conducted by Medical Group Management Association.

Home Health Care Salary Survey
Report of a survey of salaries conducted by HomeCare magazine (Sept., 1996) covering a wide range of job titles in the Home Healthcare industry.

Salary Surveys for Certified Health Physicists
Prepared by G.L. Lautenschlager and E.A. Thompson of the Midwest Chapter of the Health Physics Society, in association with the American Academy of Health Physics, and appearing in The Health Physics Society's Newsletter, June 1995.

Medical Device Salary Survey
8th annual survey for the medical device industry from Medical Device Link. (Includes Western region breakdown.)

Therapeutic Recreation Directory Survey of the Month - Salaries
Though the data given are "not a scientific survey"--you might get a clue from reader reports (February, 1999.)


How Does Your Pay Stack Up?--Human Resources
HR Magazine Cover Story for Nov. 1995. Summary of compensation survey for HR professionals.

Compensation in the Human Resources Field
Summary of a five-volume report from Abbott, Langer & Associates.


BJS Law Enforcement Publications
Bureau of Justice Statistics conducts surveys of police, sheriffs' departments, law enforcement management, federal law enforcement offices nationwide. Individual reports cover starting salaries, special pay and educational & training requirements.

Loss Prevention Compensation Survey
Summary of an Abbott, Langer & Associates report.


What Lawyers Earn - 1999
Extensive salary information from National Law Journal Special Report June 2, 1999. Includes regional breakdowns and salary levels for California for some positions.

Compensation in Legal & Related Jobs (non-law firms)
Extensive summary of an Abbot, Langer Associates report.

Compensation and Benefits Survey Results
Report of National Federation of Paralegal Association's national 1995 survey.


Special Library Association Salary Survey
Summary data from the 1996 SLA survey of special librarians & information personnel.

ARL Salary Survey, 1995-96 Released
Summary of annual salary survey from Association of Research Libraries for university and nonuniversity research library positions.

Newspaper Guild Salary Survey
Librarian & paraprofessional contract rates (Dec. 1, 1994) for newspaper libraries.

Library Salary Guides
Broad salary levels by state (from College & Research Libraries News, July/August 1996); regional beginning level salaries (from Library Journal, October 15, 1996.)


Income in Sales/Marketing Management
Summary of an Abbott, Langer & Associates Compensation & Benefits Report.

Benchmark: Sales and Marketing Executives' Pay
From Inc. magazine: 1995 bonus, base and salary for companies by annual sales revenue.

Performance compensation for sales and marketing execs
Chart from Inc. magazine, October, 1995.

1999 Salary Survey
Article from Exhibitor Magazine, July 1999, for trade show exhibitors, coordinators and corporate events planners. Check the 1996 salary survey for a more extensive report.

1995 Show Management Salaries
1995 Show Management Salary Survey and Exhibit Sales Salary Survey, sponsored by EXPO magazine, includes regional salary data.

Computer Salary Survey for Sales
From ESPAN: Account Representative, Pre/Post Sales Support and Management salaries. Figures cited for: San Francisco/San Jose; L.A.; Orange County, San Diego.

1996 Career & Salary Survey
From Medical Marketing & Media, December, 1996.

How to Hire a Sales Staff
From Entrepreneurial Edge Online website: an outline of sales incentive plans and commission structures in the Section II. B, "Compensation Packages."


1996 Annual AMS-IMS-MAA Survey
American Mathematical Society annual survey of new doctoral recipient salaries as well as faculty at 4-year colleges & universities.


Television and Radio News Salaries
Extensive collection of surveys from Vernon Stone, Missouri School of Journalism. Benefit packages are covered.

Paychecks and Market Baskets: Broadcast News Salaries and Inflation in the 1990s
Also from Vernon Stone: 1999 report on how salaries for on-air, production, reporter salaries have (or haven't) kept pace with inflation.

Steady Year for Salaries
Radio-Television News Directors Association & Ball State University's Survey of 1996 salaries for television & radio news positions with regional breakdowns.

California Salary Survey--Newspapers
California Society of Newspaper Editors report on the special 1995 California breakout of the Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey.

Newsroom Compensation
March 1995 issue of TJFR Business News Reporter.

Average Salaries in Business Journalism
"Salaries For Most Business Journalists Can Hardly Be Called Stratospheric" also from March 1995 issue of TJFR Business News Reporter.

American Society of Business Press Editors Salary Survey
April 1996 report of salary survey of association members.

How Much Should You Pay Your New Media Staff?
Newspaper New Media News & Analysis column in Editor & Publisher Interactive, May 20, 1996.

AV Video & Multimedia Producer's Salary Survey
October, 1996, report of a survey of readers of Multimedia Producer magazine.

Local 839 minimums, 11/1/95 - 10/31/96
Minimum salaries (Union contract) for the The Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists and Affiliated Optical Electronic and Graphic Arts, Local 839 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States and Canada, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations/Canadian Labour Congress. (They say that's their name!)


Mining Wages and Benefits
Summary of the 1996 Annual Mining Cost Service U.S. Mine Labor Survey from Western Mine Engineering.


Highlights of the 1996 Wage and Benefit Survey
Selected "bits" of the Management Center's annual survey of Bay Area nonprofit compensation and benefits. You may purchase the entire survey or check your library for the latest edition.

Salaries are Flat at NonProfits but Fringes are hot, hot, hot
NonProfit Times annual report (Feb., 1999) on nonprofit salaries.

NonProfit Organizations Compensation
Summary of a salary report by Abbott, Langer & Associates on CEO compensation in the nonprofit sector.

Salaries and benefits in the youth development field
1995 salary data for administrators, supervisors and employees working directly with youth.


1995 Geological Salary Survey
From MLA Resources, a search firm for the energy industry. The survey is arranged by years of experience and education.

1996 Petroleum Engineers Salary Survey
From MLA Resources, a search firm for the energy industry. The survey is arranged by years of experience.


APA Survey of Planners' Salaries
Excerpted from Planners Salaries and Employment Trends, 1995, from the American Planning Association.


Graphic Arts Monthly's 1999 Salary Survey
Report of annual survey of management positions in the commercial printing industry (July, 1999) includes production, office, sales and bonus information.


EBN's Purchasing Management
Electronic Buyers News, Dec., 1996, salary survey for those in purchasing at electronics related firms.


Salary Review
Salary ranges by store size for grocery retail industry, January 1999, Craig Affiliates, Inc.


Median Annual Salaries of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers, 1993
Data sorted by field of doctorate and gender. From July, 1995, issue of The Scientist.

NSF Survey: Biology Ph.D.S
Report of a 1993 National Science Foundation salary survey in the July, 1995, issue of The Scientist.

Research & Development Salaries
Summary of an Abbott, Langer & Associates survey of R&D practitioners and directors.

Salary Survey Results
From MedZilla ,a recruiter in biotech, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Arranged by degree (from "no college" to "Ph.D.") The salary survey was conducted Sept., 1995.

Chemical & Engineering News Salary Survey
Chemical Engineering & News' July 29, 1996 survey of chemist employment and salaries.

Career Transitions for Chemists
Summary of salary trends and information sources for chemists.

American Crystallographic Association Salary Survey
Results of Spring, 1996, survey of association members.

Independent Laboratory, Testing and Inspection Firm Salary Survey
Summary of an Abbott, Langer & Associates survey of practitioners and directors in this field.


Salaries for New Social Workers
Spring, 1996, article from The New Social Worker.


1996 Technical Communicator Salary Survey
Summary of a survey of full time technical writers/editors. Includes median salary by first two digits of Zip Code.

Salary Survey for Technical Writer
ESPAN offers salary info for San Francisco/San Jose and LA/Orange County by years of experience.


Salary Survey 1999
Communications News survey of readers covers operations, network and LAN management.


Prevailing Wages
California Dept. of Industrial Relations prevailing wage determinations for journeyman & apprentice trades (commercial building, highway, heavy construction & dredging projects) for the state, by region or for counties.


Are You Getting Your Fair Share?
Report of Warehousing Management's Third Annual Manager's Pay Survey, 1995.

Materials Distribution Salary Survey
1996 Annual Salary Survey from Materials Management & Distribution magazine.

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