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    Searching Newsgroups

    Jan 15, 1996
    Specialty Research
    Professional societies or associations can be a good source of career information. One good place to find such groups on the web is the Scholarly Societies Link page maintained by the University of Waterloo.

    Jan 11, 1996
    Searching Newsgroups
    Another approach to finding your way through the Newsgroup Morass is to use DejaNews. DejaNews allows you to be very refined in the particular groups you are searching while AltaVista allows more refined searches of the Newsgroups as a whole. As far as we can tell, the differences between the results from DejaNews and AltaVista have to do with the load on their servers at any particular moment. It will be useful to get proficient at using both services.

    Jan 02, 1996
    Searching Newsgroups
    Another useful tool is SIFT (the Stanford Information Filtering Tool). With a little work, you can set up an account that will present you only the relevant pieces of the Newsgroup traffic for review each day. The problem with using SIFT is that it requires you to visit the site each day to stay abreast of the groups.

    Jan 01, 1996
    Searching Newsgroups
    Reading the Job Related Newsgroups can be intoxicating, invigorating and completely overwhelming. A better bet is to use the search capabilities of AltaVista. Use the Advanced Query page and search for the key words of your job hunt within a tightly constrained time period.

    December 29, 1995
    Searching Newsgroups
    Career Magazine is well worth an investigation. They offer a search engine for Usenet Newsgroups that you can access from the following form.
    Career Magazine Usenet Newsgroup Database
    Compiled from major jobs Usenet Newsgroup postings.
    Most Relevant Jobs First Most Recent Jobs First  

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