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    Project Employment

    July 07, 2003

    With the changing trends in the workforce, you may find your skills are best utilized in a project oriented format. When moving from project to project your guarantee of work will only be as solid as your work skills combined with your Jobhunting ability.

    For the well prepared, there will be opportunities galore. For the uninitiated, however, it could prove frustrating. A series of dead end Jobs and uncomfortable periods of unemployment between them. Some keys to surviving the new and improved minefield of Jobhunting in the 21st Century:

  • Act quickly to build work relationships. Since you will be staying at each Job (or project) for short time periods, it is critical that you use the prevailing technologies to establish rapport with colleagues and supervisors. Get comfortable with email, faxes, cell phones, instant messaging, video conferencing, powerpoint, etc. When other Job options arise, what people will say about you will reflect what you accomplished, not what you intended to get done.

  • All workers will become active Jobhunters. Your key to moving into the next project/Job will be your overall readiness to leave the workplace you're in right now. Are your work projects organized enough that someone else could take them over with very little direction? Have you upgraded your skill set and resume so that you look like a shiny new coin to a recruiter, rather than a bad penny? Are you steadily stroking your network of Job contacts, keeping them Ďat the ready' for your next move?

  • Learn to multitask effectively. You'll need to manage a number of projects simultaneously. Sometimes you'll need to manage a large number of people at the same time as well. Think of all the emails, faxes, phone messages that you already deal with every day - the numbers are going to increase dramatically, and fast. Find tools and software for managing information overload, and don't be afraid to remove files to long term storage if you haven't accessed them for a while.

  • Focus on new projects that emphasize your strengths. Do whatever personality and skills testing are necessary to pinpoint what you have to offer Employers, because they'll be using the same kinds of tests on you. You'll be better off targeting those Jobs where there is a skills and personality fit.

    -Carrie Baggs

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