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The Top 100 Recruiters as Defined by our research for the 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index


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    Resume Distribution

    February , 1996
    Resume Distribution

    If you're looking for contract work in the UK, head for the Job Serve Recruiter's Directory. It lists a huge number of contract recruiters in England, complete with fax numbers and email addresses. As always, follow your email with a fax to make sure that your material gets seen.

    Feb 1, 1996
    Resume Distribution
    Take a moment to post your Resume on Career Shop. The service offers a broad range of job postings and employment services. You should have a text file of your resume readily available as you poke around the Web looking for work. Our opinion....the more places you post your resume, the better off you are.

    Jan 17, 1996
    Resume Distribution
    The Online Career Center will now let you upload an HTML resume.

    Jan 16, 1996
    Resume Distribution
    Ultimately, you'll want to know your way around Career Mosaic. In the meantime,Post Your Resume on their Resume CM System. It will go into a large databas sifted and sorted by recruiters and employers from all over the world.

    Jan 14, 1996
    Resume Distribution
    If you are looking for a technical job, head straight for CMP Techweb's TechHunter. The combination of job offerings and professional resources makes this Website a must for your Job Hunting Bookmarks. Be sure to Post Your Resume.

    Jan 06, 1996
    Resume Distribution
    Post your resume on JobCenter for six months for just $20. Each day you'll receive new matching ads right in your e-mail box. Never the same ad twice, and only ads that match your resume.

    Jan 05, 1996
    Resume Distribution
    The Internet Professionals Association (IPA) is the world's largest organization of Recruiters, Headhunters and Placement Firms Post your resume to their database. It will be read by member firms (over 1200 recruiters).

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