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(December 09, 2003) - 100 pieces of spam an hour. The hourly figure is going up by 3% or 4% a week. Most of it seems to be generated by viruses on other people's machines. A weekend of accumulation makes Outlook and the rest of our filtering systems do very weird things. Last weekend, the total inflow was 7,500 pieces.

We're discovering that a noticeable percentage of our outbound mail is not reaching its intended recipient. As ISPs and local webmasters try to deal with staggering volumes of email, filtration tools are being used to hack the volume down. Because interbiznet ships a lot of mail in the form of newsletters, our domain name is occasionally added to spam blacklists.

So, if we didn't respond to your note or you didn't get something you expected from us, please give us a call. We're moving more and more of our communications back to the phone lines.

If you are reading this online because your email subscription vanished one day, please subscribe again.

We're hardly alone.

Many people in our audience generate enough email to end up on spam lists. Domain name blocking is a routine problem for the larger job boards and search firms. Really large HR operations also encounter the difficulty.

For a while to come, we are going to have to start assuming that a missed communication is, once again, our fault. Simply hitting the send button no longer guarantees that the recipient will get the note.

This is probably a good thing in the long haul. Successful recruiting usually depends on persistence and taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the entire communication process. It was easy to forget that when times were slack and candidates plentiful. As supply tightens, our communications habits must change.

John Sumser

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