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July 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

   "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

- Henry Ford, born on July 30, 1863

Younger Workers Report Higher Levels of Employee Confidence

 The Kenexa Research Institute Asks: Youthful Optimism, Myth or Reality?

The legend of the fountain of youth occurs in many cultures going back centuries. One aspect often associated with youthfulness is a sense of optimism about the future. The Kenexa Research Institute (KRI) asked, "Is there any evidence to support the notion that being young brings with it a sense of optimism about the future or is the notion of youthful optimism just another one of those myths with little substance?" (read more)

In The News

myStaffingPro, a leading applicant tracking system, has enhanced their popular Hiring Manager Quick Response (HMQR) module with new scheduling capabilities. The module enables HR professionals to seamlessly request and receive feedback on applicants, and allows the hiring manager to manage interview scheduling.

Integrated Talent Management solutions provider PageUp People, announced a significant upgrade to the Performance Management Solution, one that is set to revolutionize and energize the human capital process. (read more)

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, launched OrgPlus Premium, a new software upgrade that manages all human resource activities around workforce change – from planning through documentation and reporting. OrgPlus enables executives and HR professionals to automatically create org charts to view, analyze and model workforce information. (read more)

New job-search statistics reveal an increased willingness among out-of-work Americans to pull up stakes and relocate to wherever positions are available. If the still-nascent upward trend continues, it could help reignite home sales in some areas of the country, particularly those with more job opportunities. (read more)

Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA), headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, rolled out the TEDS® Talent Management Suite. TEDS is now live for the system-wide management of Mountain States' team member learning.

Around the Globe

IMF Backs New Package To Support World's Poorest During Crisis

  • Up to $17 billion to help low-income countries over five years
  • Zero interest rates on outstanding IMF concessional loans through end-2011
  • New set of lending instruments, with streamlined conditions

  • The IMF, stepping up lending to low-income countries to combat the impact of the global recession, has announced a new framework for loans to the world's poorest nations, including increased resources, a doubling of borrowing limits, zero interest rates until the end of 2011, and more flexible terms.

    The IMF's Executive Board approved the package of measures that will sharply increase the loan resources available to low-income countries. The resources—including from the planned sale of IMF gold—are expected to boost the Fund's concessional lending to up to $17 billion through 2014, including up to $8 billion over the next two years. (read more)

    Onboarding: Best Practices to Combat an Increasingly Expensive Turnover Rate

    We have run across a worth while white paper on keeping your valuable employees from jumping ship. The key to success is starting the process of working to keep them as they walk in the door.

    The paper explores Onboarding, which is the initial process of assimilating new-hires into an organization. (read more)

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