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June 17, 2009
Quote of the Day

"Laws or ordinances unobserved, or partially attended to, had better never have been made."

- George Washington, letter to James Madison, Mar. 31, 1787

SPECIAL REPORT: 100 Best Places to Work in IT 2009

Best Place to Work Number of employees Overall Rank
General Mills Inc. 17,161 1
Genentech Inc. 11,000 2
San Diego Gas & Electric Co. 12,009 3
University of Pennsylvania 20,381 4
Monsanto Co. 10,570 5
Securian Financial Group Inc. 2,482 6
Verizon Wireless 72,293 7
JM Family Enterprises Inc. 4,535 8
USAA 21,857 9
University of Miami 11,468 10
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White Paper ...
Sharkstrike, the leading provider of passive candidate strategy, completed and released a new white paper that focused on corporate career sites and their lack of keyword research and prominent placement in search engines to capture the right candidate audience.

"By examining the top 5 companies in the world's careers pages we understood quite quickly that a common marketing tactic is being ignored by human resources and recruiting strategies to capture more candidates to their career portals." Said Jason Gorham CEO of Sharkstrike.

"The white paper examines the application of SEO methodologies within corporate HR departments as part of their talent acquisition strategies. The paper defines SEO, discusses its use in product and service marketing, and outlines the rationale for its potential to create efficient and cost-effective avenues for attracting key talent. Companies of Google job searches that potential job seekers conduct in order to find new placement. Companies are spending too much money on branding big name job boards and not taking matters into their own hands to create a seamless process of candidates that can find them in Google search. Said Gorham. (read more)

To learn more about HR SEO strategies and to download the full white paper please visit

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