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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler

interbiznet presents The Bugler

March 6, 2007

What Happened V
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Reveille and Hyperbole:
ZoomInfo and Indeed announced plans to integrate's job search into ZoomInfo's business information search engine, allowing the more than four million unique monthly visitors to to benefit from the Web's most comprehensive search engine for jobs. An initial version of this capability is available today, with more extensive integration expected in the coming months.'s business users will be able to search for jobs based on their location and industries of interest, research industries and companies, manage their personal digital brand, and connect with potential employers.

Jobster Inc., the online career development service designed for the digital generation, announced unlimited free job postings for California employers. Instead of paying an average of $319 per position to other job boards, they can post positions for free on Jobster.

Oracle Corp. said it will acquire Hyperion Solutions Corp. for $3.3 billion in cash, opening up a new attack on rival SAP AG with the addition of Hyperion's corporate-finance and planning software.   Oracle (ORCL) said it will pay $52 a share, a 21% premium to Hyperion's Wednesday closing price. Hyperion (HYSL) makes so-called "business intelligence" software used by big corporations to budget, analyze and report their financial results. members have a secure location to network with marketing peers, "talk shop" about recent campaigns and even review job postings, with the launch of the industry's first online social networking community aimed at companies that sell HR products and services.

Deck Chairs:
VFA, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for facilities capital planning and asset management, announced it has established a new role of Director of Product Design and Technology. Rob Paushter, formerly Director of Software Development at VFA, has assumed this new role. Mark Veksler has joined VFA as the new Director of Software Development. Paushter and Veksler will be collaborating to deliver the next generation of VFA software solutions . . . Veritude, a leading provider of talent management services, has named Martin Horne and Joann Noble as company vice presidents of Business Development for Consulting Services. Veritude's Consulting Services practice provides strategic consulting support to its clients in the areas of Talent Management, Organizational Development and Human Resources . . .

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You Should Know:
New Zealand:
Local Government Careers Initiative Launched
A new website,, has been launched to encourage people to consider local government as a career option.

"Councils are competing nationally and internationally to attract the wide range of skilled and talented people needed now and in the future," said says Phillippa Wilson, President of the NZ Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM).

"To raise the profile of local government as an interesting, challenging, and rewarding sector in which to work in, the new website contains information explaining local government's role, the wide range of career options available, including some illustrative case studies, career advice and a jobs board.," explained Phillippa Wilson.  (Scoop Independent News)

Deep Release:

Baby Boomers Retire to New Role in the Work Force
Employers Tap into Their Wealth of Knowledge and Experience
According to U.S. Census reports, 7,918 people turned 60 every day in 2006, which amounts to 330 every hour. Contrary to prevailing belief that retiring baby boomers will decimate the work force, however, MRINetwork™, one of the world's largest search and recruitment organizations, is observing a trend that may ease the pressure at least temporarily. It seems that many baby boomers are taking retirement only to return to work in the role of consultants, mentors and part-time employees. A recent survey by AARP found that 79 percent of boomers plan to work in some capacity during their retirement years, and many employers are ready to welcome them back.

"There's growing awareness that important institutional knowledge may be lost as large numbers of mid-to-upper-level managers retire," says Michael Jalbert, president of MRINetwork. "It's not just a matter of the job functions they perform, but rather the impact their loss can have on the foundation and culture of their companies."

For the baby boomers, conditions have to be right to induce them to continue working after they take retirement. "I retired early because I want the freedom to do some of the things I put off during my career," said Harry Huhndorff, a former design engineer with Eveready Battery in Cleveland. "No one was more surprised than I to discover I could actually earn serious money working as an independent design consultant for companies right in my area. I can take on as many projects as I like, turn down the ones that are not interesting or challenging, and work primarily from home – or wherever I happen to be."

Part of the demand for Huhndorff's services is due to his practical, hands-on experience. "I'm working with people much younger than I who can work magic with a computer, but they have a hard time with things like creating packaging or housing designs that are functional and can be manufactured cost-effectively. They've never worked in a shop with real materials."

Jalbert notes that an increasing number of the candidates his company places, particularly in contract situations, come from the ranks of retired baby boomers. "This is due not only to the crunch created by the growing gap between new job creation and new entrants into the work force, but also because companies are seeking people with the skills, experience and work ethic of the baby boomer generation."

Although workplace analysts and observers have been discussing the effect of large-scale baby boomer retirements for the past several years, Jalbert says many companies have not prepared for the reality. "It's vitally important that businesses develop bench strength. Forward-thinking senior management is focusing on hiring people, especially in their mid-to-upper level ranks, who are promotable to jobs two or three levels above their current positions."

For the time being, the job market has never been better for people like Huhndorff, who pilots his own plane, plays tennis three or four times a week, and spends a chunk of the Cleveland winter somewhere warm. "I feel more valued for my contributions now than I ever did during my 35-year career," he says. "I see myself doing this for a long time to come."

About MRINetwork:
Management Recruiters International, Inc., branded as MRINetwork (, is a subsidiary of staffing and outsourcing leader CDI Corp. (NYSE:CDI), a global provider of engineering and information technology outsource solution and professional staffing ( MRINetwork has nearly 1,100 offices in over 35 countries.

Deeper Release:

The Metrics of the Physician Brain Drain
To the Editor: As African physicians who have experience in both the developing and the developed worlds, we believe that Mullan (Oct. 27 issue), like others who have written about the metrics of the physician brain drain, overlooks three important points. First, given the limited number of residency positions in the source countries, if the migrating physicians who are described in this article had stayed home, they might not have attained the qualifications they now hold. This would have left a workforce of minimally trained doctors with even fewer jobs befitting their qualifications. Second, a reversal of the "fatal flows" of doctors from poor to rich countries, as touted by Chen and Boufford in the accompanying editorial, would not necessarily lead to an effective increase in the number of practicing physicians, given the unequal geographic and socioeconomic distribution of physicians within source countries. Anecdotally, we know many such physicians who, out of frustration, have left medicine altogether. These internal losses buttress our third point: the real effects of physician migration cannot be captured by static (stock-of-manpower) indicators. We need to quantify the effects on flows and distribution of physicians within the source countries. These countries must actively contribute to crafting ethical and effective solutions. We hope that the World Health Report 2006 will encourage such developments.

Uzor C. Ogbu, M.D.
Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences
3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Onyebuchi A. Arah, M.D., Ph.D.
Academisch Medisch Centrum
1100 DD Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mullan F. The metrics of the physician brain drain. N Engl J Med 2005;353:1810-1818. [Free Full Text]

Hagopian A, Thompson MJ, Fordyce M, Johnson KE, Hart LG. The migration of physicians from sub-Saharan Africa to the United States of America: measures of the African brain drain. Hum Resour Health 2004;2:17-19. [ CrossRef][Medline]

Chen LC, Boufford JI. Fatal flows -- doctors on the move. N Engl J Med 2005;353:1850-1852. [ Free Full Text]

Hyder AA. Third world brain drain: performance of health professionals and systems needs to be assessed. BMJ 2003;327:929-930. [Free Full Text] World Health Organization. Draft outline: World health report 2006. (Accessed January 13, 2006, at

Must Read:
2006 Top Ten Series:
Amitai Givertz, David Hurst, Scott Dow, Kevin Wheeler, Hank Stringer
Tim Driver, Steve Levy, Martin Snyder, Don Ramer , Hans Geiskes .

White Papers and So On:

Lean Staffing Institute on Referrals from The Empower Network. ATS Sourcing Whitepaper written by Jake Firth of

Staffing Strategies: Can You Find, Recruit, and Retain the Talent You Need?
Authoria's complimentary white paper

Multigenerational Recruiting Slide Presentation done at OnRec by John and Bridget Sumser.

Virtual Edge offers 7 "Must Haves" of Next Generation Power Recruiting Technology and many other White Papers.

interbiznet and present Boomers to Bust Age Bias? Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement

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