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About the Electronic Recruiting Index
The Internet Business Network (IBN) has released the first of four electronic market niche analyses. The 1996 Electronic Recruiting Index is the result of thousands of hours of research by the IBN team.

The 1996 ERI was written for the Recruiting Firm that is either on-line currently or considering the development of a Website. The Report is filled with practical insight and examples of the things that work and the things that don't. The 1996 ERI is composed of three sections:

Analysis, Trends and Forecasts: 150 pages of text describing Website design, market opportunities, price and service comparisons and market predictions. This section also describes the Top 25 Recruiting Websites in detail.

Reviews: Over 500 detailed evaluations of services and design of all third party Recruiting Websites currently on the Internet. Each Website was evaluated against 10 criteria. The Website reviews are designed to be critical feedback for their owners and a design course for new Website developers.

Directory: All available contact information (phone, fax, email, address) for more than 1700 third party recruiting firms currently using the Web in some form.

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