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    (February 06, 1998) We really like Ken Wheeler's straightforward page. Wheeler is slowly accumulating a collection of recruiting / retention resources. The site is easy to navigate and full of goodies. His focus is squarely on the labor shortage and the management of the consequences.

    This month, Wheeler takes aim on the "Corporate University". In an article laced with success stories, he points out the strengths and weaknesses of this newly emerging institution. The cynics look on Corporate Education Systems as the last gasp of the training department's grab for funding. Wheeler patiently explains the strategic role these new creatures have played in successful market shifts by major players.

    The material on Corporate Universities is nicely juxtaposed with material on the labor shortage.

    Now, take another look at Manpower's Training Package. Can you imagine calling Manpower a market innovator? It nearly chokes in our throats sometimes. But here you have it...Manpower uses training as the foundation for the acquisition of critically skilled employees. It gives the stuff away for free.

    Wheeler's clever association of labor shortage information and strategic education programs raises an interesting possibility. What if large corporations began their long term recruiting programs by providing larger versions of Manpower's Training Program?

    It would work! Spam

    (February 05, 1998) Have you noticed that the loudest protests about so-called "spam" come from journalists in newspapers? There's a funny dynamic here. These are people whose salaries are paid by the circulation building departments. Certainly, you've received their phone calls. They come at dinner time. Telemarketing at its most brutal is a product of the news industry. These are the same folks who protested the commercialization of the Internet until they realized just how their salaries were generated.

    Spam (or UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Email) is the email that you get whether you want it or not. We think that it's just like the direct marketing material we receive in the postal mail each day. Sometimes, it's inconvenient. Sometimes, it contains important information.

    We read the incoming postal mail while sitting next to the trash can. Each envelope gets one look. It's either pitched or kept. The kept pieces go into a pile that gets perused when there's time. The smart direct marketers know how to get into the kept pile. They try to figure out if we're going to pitch their material and get us off the list. Generally, the direct marketing material we receive is worth the hassle overall. We gain more than we lose from it.

    The Unsolicited Commercial Email we get works the same way. We read email with the delete key. (The latest versions of Outlook and Eudora have a preview window that allows you to read the first paragraph of a piece of email before pitching it.) Each piece of email gets a moment of consideration before we pitch it in the trash.

    We're hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. Moore

    (February 03, 1998) Moore Staffing & Computer Training "provides temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct hire placement services and computer training services to people and companies in the Merrimack Valley and in Southern New Hampshire".

    What a delightful site!

    Bright, colorful, good (small) graphics, easy navigation, this site is a delight to use.

    Navigation is via the left-hand sidebar and a box on the right-hand side of the homepage.

    Wherein lies the attraction.

    The utility of the site lies in its ease of use for potential candidates. There's a listing of all available positions. Candidates can submit their background details through a simple-to-use form, or their resume by eMail (acceptable formats are defined).

    The site as a whole is focussed on a distinct geographical area, which lends it strength as a resource for both candidates and employers.

    We believe this site is well worth checking out, not only from both sides of the "employment equation", but also as an object lesson in good site design and architecture.

    Are You Next?

    (February 02, 1998) Usually, we keep our remarks close to home in this newsletter. The comings, goings, tactics and techniques of the Online Recruiting Industry are plenty of fodder for our focus. But, last week brought a nearly unimaginable threat to life.

    Imagine, if you will, believing the following forecast two years ago:

    The Internet will be the reason that America's largest software retailer closes it's retail stores.

    Hard to imagine back then, but it happened on Friday.

    We barely skimmed by the article in Friday's Wall Street Journal. We've gotten numb to the pace of change. But it said, in clear terms, that Egghead, the company that invented software retailing, was closing its retail stores and laying off 80% of its employees.

    We got a solid feel for what this means by visiting the local store. The place was packed with bargain hunters. It had store closing, 30% discount signs plastered all over the place.The door said, "After we're gone, you can visit us at http://www.egghead.com."

    The future will dawn faster than you can ever imagine. The closing of Egghead was as unimaginable two years ago as the changes in store for Recruiting are imaginable today.

    The time line is similar

    Recruiting Online:
    Advanced Seminar Series

    (February 02, 1997): Our educational series has been expanded. We will be delivering seminars in 15 cities this Winter. We will be offering both of our successful courses, updated to reflect the changing web environment.

    Seminar I: Management, Strategies and Tactics
    Don't jump on the bandwagon to be cool. Don't use technology without a clear view of the payback. This intense seminar addresses the questions any manager, owner or director should ask before continuing to invest in Electronic Recruiting.

    Seminar II: Advanced Searching and Sourcing
    Learn how to mine the data fields. This one day presentation covers spidering, flipping, and depth searching...all of the tools required to unearth the passive candidate. The course includes a A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools.

    Graduates of both receive:

  • $2,000 In Special Offers From 5 Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription ($395 Value) To Our Protected Web Site
  • All Course Materials

    Enroll today, seats are still available. There is a discount available for early registrations.

    This is our Winter 1998 Seminar Schedule. We will be delivering both seminars in each city.

    Feb 02: San Francisco, CA
    Feb 04: Los Angeles, CA
    Feb 06: Dallas, TX
    Feb 09: Atlanta, GA
    Feb 11: Chapel Hill, NC
    Feb 13: Columbia, MD
    Feb 16: Princeton, NJ
    Feb 18: New York, NY
    Feb 20: Boston, MA
    Feb 23: Cleveland, OH
    Feb 25: Minneapolis, MN
    Feb 27: Chicago, IL
    Mar 02: Kansas City, MO
    Mar 04: Seattle, WA
    Mar 06: Silicon Valley, CA

    Call our offices for more information at (800) 358-2278

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