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    (January 29, 1998) Ice storms must cause productivity. Here's another Canadian Gem.

    EmergIT is yet another member of the "build a network by delivering upfront value" set. Their new magazine (on and off the web) is routinely placed in the hands of their customers. With a few design tweaks, the site will become a very potent recruiting tool.

    While search techniques and candidate poaching are today's rage, staying in business over the next five years requires building a candidate pool. Emergit shows you how it's done.

    The current issue contains:

    (January 27, 1998) The first thing you notice is the catch-phrase: "The Best Jobs Out There Are In Here". The Northern Lights swirl against a black background. Clicking the "enter" button takes you to another tastefully designed page that lays out the basic features with a bare minimum of graphic overload. The site itself includes a broad array of resources for employers and candidates including free databases, industry information and a proposed "Who's about to graduate?" service.

    Is this a new commercial service? A university based initiative? No, it's the work of CATA (The Canadian Advanced Technology Association). The actual site, Technoskill is a demonstration of what's possible.

    As the economy continues to shift, there are fascinating opportunities for trade associations to rearrange their traditional roles. The fact that Technoskill actually sets design standards makes the entire segment worth watching.

    It easily exceeds the the quality of services from our own industry groups.

    WSJ Keeps It Coming

    (January 26, 1998) We love the evolving design at the Wall Street Journal's Career Site. The latest iteration brings the full muscle of the newspaper to the web. The venture is headed by Tony Lee (formerly the editor of National Business Employment Weekly). We can't imagine a deeper demonstration of commitment.

    Already hosting the most content rich job postings (thanks to Junglee), the site's editorial content is what's been expanded. Features now include:

    • Career Columnists - Features several widely followed columns from the Wall Street Journal in print, including Hal Lancaster's "Managing Your Career," Sue Shellenbarger's "Work & Family" and Thomas Petzinger Jr.'s "Front Lines". This section also includes a Q&A column with Mr. Lee.
    • Salaries & Profiles - Includes information on salaries, and hiring trends by industry and function.
    • Job Hunting Advice - Provides guidance on a range of topics, including resume writing, interviewing, making a career change, navigating the Internet and more.
    • At Work - Offers advice on advancing and finding greater enjoyment in the job you have.
    • HR Issues - Reports on the latest news and trends affecting HR management.
    • Executive Recruiters - Helps Users understand how to work effectively with search firms and recruiters.
    • Working Globally - Focuses on finding a job overseas and returning to the U.S. after living abroad.
    • College Connection - Presents articles on making the transition from college to the working world.
    • Starting a Business - Supplies information to help aspiring entrepreneurs start or buy a business
    Content this rich will bring passive and active job hunters to the site. It's really an amazing move!

    Recruiting Online:
    Advanced Seminar Series

    (December 08, 1997): Our educational series has been expanded. We will be delivering seminars in 15 cities this Winter. We will be offering both of our successful courses, updated to reflect the changing web environment.

    Seminar I: Management, Strategies and Tactics
    Don't jump on the bandwagon to be cool. Don't use technology without a clear view of the payback. This intense seminar addresses the questions any manager, owner or director should ask before continuing to invest in Electronic Recruiting.

    Seminar II: Advanced Searching and Sourcing
    Learn how to mine the data fields. This one day presentation covers spidering, flipping, and depth searching...all of the tools required to unearth the passive candidate. The course includes a A CD Chock-Full Of Net Software and Tools.

    Graduates of both receive:

  • $2,000 In Special Offers From 5 Online Recruiting Services
  • A One Year Subscription ($395 Value) To Our Protected Web Site
  • All Course Materials

    Enroll today, seats are still available. There is a discount available for early registrations.

    This is our Winter 1998 Seminar Schedule. We will be delivering both seminars in each city.

    Feb 02: San Francisco, CA
    Feb 04: Los Angeles, CA
    Feb 06: Dallas, TX
    Feb 09: Atlanta, GA
    Feb 11: Chapel Hill, NC
    Feb 13: Columbia, MD
    Feb 16: Princeton, NJ
    Feb 18: New York, NY
    Feb 20: Boston, MA
    Feb 23: Cleveland, OH
    Feb 25: Minneapolis, MN
    Feb 27: Chicago, IL
    Mar 02: Kansas City, MO
    Mar 04: Seattle, WA
    Mar 06: Silicon Valley, CA

    Call our offices for more information at (800) 358-2278

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